Wing Bo Chinese Restaurant, Maylands

Happy Chinese New Year! I hope there had been numerous feasting and festivities where you are at! As for me, there were some cooking (pineapple tarts and curry puffs!), minor celebrations and major feastings!

My second Chinese New Year feast this year was at Wing Bo Chinese Restaurant in Maylands. (The first was at Ambassador in Cannington – photos can be seen here [click]). Awesome food, nice wine, great company, what more can you ask for! It cost us $50pp for the food (excluding the wine and fried ice cream). Bargain for what we ate! Here come the pictures 🙂

  • Wine (self supplied) – the Brancott Estate Pinot Noir was good!

White and Red Wine

  • My favourite CNY dish – the Yee Sang (Raw Salmon Salad) – this was the nicest I’d eaten this year <3

Yee Sang

  • Peking Duck (2 courses of Duck Pancake and San Choy Bow) – The duck skin came on a crunchy base, not the usual prawn cracker you get at other restaurants. It was wrapped inside the pancake to be eaten together with the duck. Was special! Both the duck wrap and sang chow bow tasted awesome. Must go back again for this! 

Duck Pancake Close up of the duck skin and crunchy base

Yum! San Choy Bow

  • Black Pepper Steak and Mushroom in Yam Nest – another delicious dish, I loved the crunchiness of the yam nest, solid food!

Beef in Yam Nest

  • Sambal Kangkong – I was surprised this was quite bland! It didn’t matter in this instance as the other dishes had strong flavours!

Sambal kangkong

  • King Prawn in Salted Egg Yolk – Another favourite, we ate it shell and all as they were so crunchy! Didn’t want to miss out on the salted egg yolk flavour wrapped around the shell!

Salted Egg Yolk King Prawns

  • Sizzling Japanese Tofu with Chicken Mince – another chinese classic dish!

Sizzling Japanese Tofu

  • Almond Chicken – this is one of Wing Bo’s specialty, the chicken pieces sit on top of a layer of roasted almonds and deep fried. Delicious! Another favourite!

Almond Chicken

  • Steamed Coral Trout – Very fresh with lots of meat! Went really well with rice! The fish was de-boned as well, made it so much easier to enjoy!

Coral Trout

  • Rainbow Cake – jelly like (agar-agar) cake wrapped in dessicated coconut, they were refreshing!

Rainbow Cake

  • Fruits – another refreshing dish!

Mixed fruit platter

  • Fried Ice Cream – I don’t know how we managed to fit in a fried ice cream (extra order) after all the food we had, but we did!

Fried Ice Cream

Wing Bo had been recommended as the place to go to for Chinese by a few people in the past. Great recommendation…the food was awesome! I will definitely be back again!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Wing Bo Chinese Restaurant
Telephone: 9371 1688
Address: 253 Guildford Road, Maylands
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