Gordon St Garage, West Perth

Front of cafe

Website: http:/www.gsgarage.com.au

Gordon St Garage must be one of the most talked about new cafe in my circle of friends recently! It had just been opened a couple of weeks but I’d heard it mentioned numerous times in conversations. I decided to head there last week to see what the fuss is all about 🙂

Gordon St Garage is located on a quiet street opposite Harbour Town in West Perth. I think it’s the only cafe on the street. Looks simple on the outside but opens up to a very spacious and funky/grungy looking cafe inside. It reminded me of St Ali Cafe in Melbourne. Very nice and unexpected!

EntranceCentre tableTables near the entranceMore dining area

There is also a second storey! Huge place!

Having look through the menu which consisted of various salads, pizzas, meat and fish dishes, I wondered to the bake goods and desserts on display..the “Sweets Table”. My oh my, they looked awesome! I think I was more excited about the dessert than the lunch itself!

Counter baked goodsCupcakesPretty desserts!!

We had the following for lunch:

  • Drinks – Long Black, Long Macchiato, Orangina, Fever Tea Lemonade, Special Iced Tea

Long Black & Long MacOrangina & Lemonade

Iced Tea

The House Special Iced Tea was recommended by the staff – what made it special was the grapefruit added to it! My friend’s comment was there was too much grapefruit flavour as opposed to tea. I like the look of it!

  • Bread & 3 dips ($14) – looked awesome but there was no explanation of what dips they were! I think it consisted of the tzatziki, some type of strong cheese and one containing beans

Bread & 3 dips

  • Roast beetroot, blue vini, honeyed walnuts, nashi pear ($18) – this was one of my favourite except for the blue vini cheese. Normally not a fan of blue cheese as they are too strong a taste for me.

Beetroot salad

  • Mariners Pizza with garlic prawn, mussels, zucchini ($24) – my least favourite, it had a strong fishy taste and contained very little ingredients
  • Hunters Pizza with house made salami, prosciutto, soused mushroom, truffle ($24) – another favourite, great flavours, but once again too little ingredients

Mariners PizzaHunters Pizza

I didn’t try the next three dishes but my friends liked them especially the corn and coriander relish in the spatchcock!

  • Wood fired spiced spatchcock, corn and coriander relish ($32)

Wood fired Spatchcock

  • Fish tagine, potato, tomato & olive ($35)

Fish tagine

  • Grilled market fish, cucumber & citrus salsa (MP)

Grilled fish

And now for the desserts….I had a hard time choosing which one I wanted but finally decided on the Berry Mousse! Looked pretty and tasted refreshing and smooth, with creamy berry mousse encased in a sugar crusted outercase, topped with a white chocolate piece and flower petals. Yum!

Berry Mousse

The Pannacotta was another favourite!


I had a taste of the pretty Almond Cake with Strawberry Salsa…nice!

Almond cake with strawberry salsa

And the final one order was the Chocolate Cake – I was too full by then to taste it. :p

Chocolate cake

Overall, it was a bit of a hit and miss lunch – loved the dessert and part of my lunch, and especially loved the outlook and vibe of the cafe.  The Pizzas were a miss though and I thought overpriced with the amount of ingredients in them.

The service was good but I wish the staff would be more proactive in explaining the dishes. Also if they would place name cards for the items on their Sweets Table. I had a hard time remembering what all the different desserts were, let alone explaining them to the people at the table.

I would be back for their desserts and to try their breakfast menu (I heard the Corn Omelette is awesome!)

Rating:  3.75 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Gordon St Garage
Telephone: 9322 8050
Address: 16 Gordon Street, West Perth
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