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I first encountered Meet Fresh in Sydney’s Chinatown. My BFF took me there as it was one of her favorite dessert eatery. I remembered lining up for ages just to get a table and eating in a hurry so others can take over our table. It was immensely popular! So it was great news when she told me recently that they have opened a franchise in Perth, in Northbridge where James St Kitchen restaurant used to be. I really like the herbal jelly dessert they sell!

The theme Meet Fresh is selling and differentiating themselves in is the authenticity of the dessert. All the desserts are freshly made, cooked and served. The herbal jelly, the taro balls, tofu pudding etc. You can read all about the two Taiwanese masters, Mr and Mrs Fu and their concept on their webpage (link above).

The place had been packed the few times I’d visited but I have not encountered any long queues yet. I think I had been timing my visits right! hehe

Inside Meet Fresh The happy Mr and Mrs Fu

My favorite order, the Signature Herbal Jelly with herbal ice, taro balls and cream.


This is very refreshing on a hot summer night! I like the taste of the herbal jelly and how it is not sickly sweet but has a twinge of bitterness to it. I also love how the Taro balls are soft and chewy, unlike some other places where the balls are quite hard and floury. This is the only place where I would order taro balls.

Takeaway order: Signature Herbal Jelly (again!) and Tofu Pudding

Signature herbal jelly Tofu pudding

The Tofu Pudding was a recommendation by my colleague but it was not to my liking, I’m still comparing them to the ones I used to get at the night market in Malaysia as a kid. Nothing beats that. RM0.50 for a bowl of nice piping hot tofu pudding! Those were the days!

Meet Fresh also sells a variety of bubble tea, wintermelon tea and crushed ice dessert. I haven’t gotten past the Herbal Jelly dessert though to try the others. I am too addicted!

A good place to try something different if you haven’t been! I know what I’ll be back for :p

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Meet Fresh
Telephone: 0430 928 585
Address: Unit 7a, 109 James Street, Northbridge
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