Hang Out Bar n Cafe, Como

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The outside

Hang Out Bar n Cafe is located on Preston Street in Como where Just Wine and Tapas Bar used to be. I was surprised Just W&T had closed down as they used to serve good food and drinks at reasonable prices! Oh wells, the Hang Out Bar n Cafe looked like a good replacement but with a more casual ambience in comparison. It came recommended by friends living in the area.

Inside the cafe The bar

The cocktail menu contained the usual popular drinks such as the Daiquri, Mojito, Pina Colada etc but only at $14! I ordered the Toblerone while my friends had the Espresso Martini and some coffees.

Toblerone Toblerone

The Toblerone contained frangelico, baileys, kahlua mixed milk and honey. This used to be my favourite cocktail but I found it was now too sweet for me. Not the best I had either. I think I’m better off sticking to the Espresso martinis. The Espresso Martini consisted of vanilla vodka, frangelico, espresso and simple syrup. It was yummy! The coffees were nice here too!

Espresso Martini Latte

Flat whites

For lunch we had:

  • Indian Lamb Burger ($15) – spiced lamb topped with grilled capsicum, goat’s cheese, cool mint and cucumber yoghurt served with spicy mango chutney. Got the thumb’s up from the person who ordered this!

Indian Lamb Burger

  • Trio Hangout Sliders with Chips ($21) – this was my order to share as I love to try different things on the menu and this consisted of 3 types of burger, smaller in size. They were the American (beef with pickle and chilli jam); the Indian (same as above) and the Mexican (beef with jalapeno and pico de gallo). Looked amazing right! Tasted delicious too.

Trio Burgers

Trio Burgers

  • Steak Sandwich ‘n’ chips ($15) – this was possibly the biggest steak sandwich I had seen in Perth. There were steak, bacon, egg, onion jam and BBQ sauce. Check out the stack!! I don’t think I can finish that by myself!

Steak sandwichSlicing through the steak sandwich

The Hangout onion rings ($7.50) was a must try so we ordered it even though we were so full! It came with a hottie sauce! No regrets, I loved the special crumbs fried to crisp but not too oily. Yum!

Onion Rings

Great lunch overall – will be back for a casual lunch and especially for more of those cocktails! 

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars
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