Run Amuck Hotdogs Unleashed, South Fremantle

The outsideWebsite:

Entertainment Voucher 13/14: One complimentary hotdog when another hotdog of equal or greater value is purchased

I have heard of great reviews of Run Amuck from friends for awhile now but haven’t had a chance to get there yet. When a friend volunteered me to do a postgrad survey in Palmyra, we decided to go further down to try the much talked about hotdogs!

Run Amuck is located on the quieter end of South Terrace which was a bonus to me as we got parking easily on the street. The place is small and I was surprised that it had proper chairs and tables (I was expecting a stand up cramped joint). It was a good surprise! The American theme is running for this month of July so the place is decorated with American flags, Statue of Liberty poster and all things American.

The counter Funky decorations on the wall!

We chose the following dogs:

  • Rukus ($13) with two chilies – it consisted of premium bratwurst, chili and lime sambal, crispy proscuitto, spinach, aged cheddar, sour cream & jalapenos

The Rukus

  • Mischief ($12) with one chili – it consisted of premium bratwurst, tomato relish, guacamole, aged cheddar, baby spinach, tortilla chips, jalapenos and sour cream

The MischiefInside the Mischief

The Mischief was my order and it was huge! It tasted quite nice but not as good as what I expected. I think I may have expected something wow due to the rave reviews I’d heard from others. I thought the spinach didn’t go well with the dog and also would have liked the cheese to be melted. The tortilla chips though was a nice touch (love all things crunchy) and the locally made bratwurst was tasty.

We also ordered the Run Amuck Homemade Coleslaw ($3) as a side and that was delicious. I was told later that I should have ordered the Rascal which has the coleslaw on it which would have tasted amazing. Hmm I can imagine. Doh!


The service at Run Amuck was excellent with the staff being as helpful as ever with our queries and the follow up when we received the food. Thanks for the great service!

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars
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