Typika Artisan Roasters, Claremont

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I first heard of Typika Artisan Roasters when a friend noticed the massive queues outside the cafe on a weekend and wanted to find out what the fuss is all about. (One advantage of being a food blogger is that I always get wind of new restaurants, places to find great food and interesting foodie stories! Love it!) The breakfast menu didn’t quite entice me as much as the lunch menu but unfortunately they do not serve lunch items on the weekend! Sad! Luck had it though that the office I’m working in recently moved to Nedlands and my BFF wanted to lunch there after hearing of their $80K coffee machine (which turned out to be $800K according to the West Australian – oh my word!). The planets aligned and I found myself there one afternoon for lunch 🙂

The place was buzzing with people but we quickly found a table albeit a small one.

Coffee and dessert counter Counter

We were admiring the decor and the funky lighting they had. Cool design!

Cool lighting!

For drinks we had the Red Passion Juice ($6) of watermelon, strawberry and apple; the Naked Ice Coffee ($5) and Ice Coffee ($6.50). The Ice Coffee (my order) tasted great..however I’m not sure whether I am influenced by the price tag of the machine :p


There were a few things I wanted to try on the menu as they all sounded so yum! We ended up with the following:

  • Chips – potato and sweet potato chips, served with aioli ($6) – the chef must be a genius to come up with this combination! I absolutely love it especially the sweet potato chips! The aioli sauce was creamy and flavorsome as well! Yum yum!

Potato and sweet potato chips

  • Roast Duck – salad of spring onion, cucumber, and fresh chilli served with blood plum sauce in a steamed soft lotus bun ($21) – this was another favorite, I love the cute little buns, they were so soft and light. The only other time I had eaten this type of bun was in Ippudo NY and I’m glad I can find this in Perth now! Each bun was packed full of duck and cucumber salad. I thought the plum sauce was a bit on the heavy side but nevertheless, a great dish!

Roast Duck Bun

  • Caramelised Beef Ribs – tender beef ribs slow cooked in coconut milk and spices, served with a fresh coconut salad and sweet dipping sauce ($30) – this was another favorite of the table, succulent and tender beef, melted in the mouth. There was a faint hint of coconut taste to it but not too overpowering which was awesome. It went well with the side of sweet dipping fish sauce and coriander topping.

Caramelised Beef RibsQuarter of the ribs - yum!

  • Mini Sarsparilla Pulled Pork Buns – shoulder of pork, marinated in spices and slow cooked in sarsparilla, shredded and served with coleslaw and spiced apple in fresh mini buns ($20) – another cute dish with lovely pulled pork filling, the apple slaw though wasn’t a favorite but it was still a nice combination.

Sarsparilla Pulled Pork Buns Inside the pulled pork bun

We couldn’t go without trying the desserts and had the Salted Caramel Tart ($5), Red Velvet Cake ($6.50) and Portuguese Tart ($4.50). They were all so delicious but the best was the Salted Caramel Tart, chocolate pastry filled with gooey salted caramel, topped with dark chocolate ganache. To die for!

Desserts galore

We couldn’t figure out where the $800K coffee machine was but found it deeper into the cafe, it is enclosed in glass doors for all to observe. Looks impressive and spiffy!

The machine! Roaster

It was a most enjoyable lunch that afternoon where the drinks, food and desserts were all great (I love the variety seen in the lunch menu) as well as the service. The staff were friendly and had a funky dress sense. Great find!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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