****Weekend Warehouse – the Lettuce Shop****


The Lettuce Shop is no longer opening its warehouse to the public

The Lettuce ShopThe Lettuce Shop opened its warehouse for the very first time this weekend! When I saw this advertised earlier this week I became quite interested and made a note to check it out. I’m very glad I did.

The warehouse is situated on Belmont Avenue in Belmont with sufficient parking space for shoppers – like! There are a variety of local products and farm fresh produce on offer – fruits, vegetables, juices, eggs, bread, flowers, oils, coffee beans, etc. One can also order a coffee to go or grab a box of lovely cupcakes at the front counter. The cupcakes are home baked and supplied by Littlesweet Baking from Fremantle. Nice! Unfortunately I did not get to try the cupcakes as they are sold per box, containing 6 cupcakes at $30. One too many for me!

2 Inside the warehouse VeggiesMore veggiesFresh flowersFresh breadCupcakes

My greatest find was the Poach Pear Chicken Liver Pate ($13) and the hand made Organic Baguette ($6). I’m normally not a big fan of pate due to the smell but this was so delicious and had no smell at all! I love it! The baguette was gluten free and free range, and were fresh and crunchy. Yum!

Poach Pear Chicken Liver Pate Chicken Liver Pate Organic Baguette Yummy Pate on Baguette!

I decided to get a coffee before leaving. The coffee is from Karvan 100% Arabica, and the Blend No. 2 was used for my Long Mac ($3.50). Beautiful!

Coffee CounterLong Mac

It is great to be able to support local products and produce – a marvelous concept Lettuce Shop!

Narration by: Miss L



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