Bivouac Canteen & Bar, Northbridge

Outside the canteen


Bivouac Canteen & Bar is located on William Street, near the State Theatre Centre. My sister had been previously and liked the food, so we decided to have lunch there for our belated Father’s Day celebration.

The canteen has a rustic feel to it, simple and unassuming. I like the artwork hanging on the sidewall, Talented artists they are!

Inside the canteen Inside the canteen


For drinks we had:

  • Apple Juice ($5)
  • Latte ($3.90) – great price!
  • Vodka Express ($16) – instead of going for the usual Long Mac, I had a cocktail which consisted of fresh espresso, sweet vanilla & cardamon. The cardamon added an unusual flavour to the cocktail which I did not quite like. Good to try though.

Apple JuiceLatteVodka Express 

The menu seemed to be designed to share which is perfect for me as I’d always like to try a bit of everything on the table. We had:

  • Gingin goat chops, lebanese spice rubs, tomato kasundi, fig & fennel chutney ($17.50) – this was a hearty dish and the goat meat was tender. Nice!

Gingin Goat Chops

  • Mussels a la grecque, white wine, spinach, feta & tomatoes with toasted ciabatta loaf ($27.50) – the sauce was a bit salty and watery, but I love the addition of feta to the dish, a different taste!


We had to order extra bread ($5) for the Mussels as there were only two serve of bread with the Mussels. Can’t let the sauce go to waste!Extra Bread

  • Pate board, sherry & thyme chicken liver pate, caramelised onion, cornichons and crostini ($14) – this was my order but the liver pate turned out too strong for me! I couldn’t eat it! Boo! My parents liked it though.

Pate Board

  •  In-house berbere cured salmon, fennel & orange, rocket, sour grapes, champagne & date molasses dressing ($19) – I didn’t quite like the salmon as it was too salty for me but the salad was refreshing!

Berbere Cured Salmon

  • Seasonal side salad ($8.50) – mixture of onion, tomatoes, cucumber, chickpea and rocket. This was my favourite dish! I love the chickpea scattered in the salad, very Mediterranean!

Side Salad

I didn’t end up feeling full after the meal but the extra bread helped! More space for desserts then 🙂

  • Cardamon & lime brulee, homemade almond biscotti ($14) – the brulee was very tasty, the cardamon was a good addition here contrary to the cocktail. Check out the humongous almond biscotti. Yummy!

Creme Brulee & Almond Biscotti

  • Pistachio halva parfait, saffron laced persian fig ($14) – this was a surprising favourite, with commendation from everyone on the table. The parfait was not too sweet and melted in the mouth. I love the pop rocks on the side! *crackle crackle*

Pistachio parfait

Overall it was a good lunch, the highlight being the desserts. Bivouac uses free range, organic and local produce which is a plus..the goat came from farms in Gingin and Mogumber! The waitstaff was friendly and attentive too!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
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