Whistler’s Chocolate Company, Swan Valley

Following my lunch at the Taylors Art & Coffee House, I was informed that there is a chocolate shop that had opened not long ago right next door to the cafe – Whistler’s Chocolate was its name! We went for a stickybeak!

Website: http://www.whistlers.com.au/

Whistler's ChocI had always thought that Whistler’s Chocolate is a Canadian chocolate (Whistler town?) so it came as a surprise that Whistler’s Chocolate is a Western Australian family owned business, based in Belmont to be precise! Wow! Another local chocolate product!

The shop comprises of a Showroom, Cafe, Cocoa Lounge and huge Outdoor Area. I regretted being so full that I was not able to fit a coffee or a dessert from the Cafe! Missed opportunity to dine there! :p

We roamed around the Showroom which housed stacks and stacks of different chocolate varieties! I didn’t know where to look, they were all so enticing! My immediate plan was to go down each row starting from the far edge, and work my way up and down the rows with the aim to end up at the counter. This way I won’t miss anything..a very methodic plan I must admit (the engineer’s brain was switched on :P)

Chocolates More chocolates! Counter full of goodies on displayCounter full of goodies on display

Following the initial surveillance, I went back to the Dark Chocolate section for the kill…and oh my, there were so many different varieties following detailed examination, chocolate containing nuts, dried fruits, ginger, nougat, licorice, honeycomb, the list goes on and on! I had great difficulty choosing! I ended up with the Gourmet Dark Macadamia ($6.50) and the Dark Chocolate Bark with Sea Salt (approx $12.95 – can’t remember the exact price). Wish I could buy more but I had to exert self control!

Dark Choc Macadamia Dark Choc Bark with Sea Salt

The Dark Chocolate Bark with Sea Salt was something quite special. There was a distinct sea salt aftertaste following the first bite of this thin sheet Euro style dark choc. I haven’t tasted something like this before! Enormous like!

The Showroom also offers tasting items ranging from chocolate coated pretzels to chocolate coated snakes! It was unfortunate that I had a very bad sore throat that weekend and couldn’t try any of them in fear of exacerbating the throat! 🙁

A great place to drop by when you are in the Swan Valley region!

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      September 8, 2013

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