Mary Street Bakery, Highgate

1I’d first read about Mary Street Bakery from the food bloggers around town which perked my interest and landed the bakery in my “to try” list. When my BFF sent me a picture of their “Monut” (replica of the Cronut!) she was having with a highly recommended tag, it tipped this place into the “must try” list! I extracted myself from a yumcha at the Silks one Saturday to a brunch at Mary Street Bakery!

On arrival, I realised that Mary Street Bakery is located where Soto Cafe used to be. I didn’t know Soto Cafe closed down! It’s sad when a cafe close down, hopefully it wasn’t due to it being unsustainable!

Mary Street Bakery was buzzing when we arrived, with a 15 – 20 mins wait for a table. The entrance was spacious, with an elevated counter and kitchen down the back wall and tables/chairs in another room on the right. I thought the tables were placed a bit too closed together – modern setting perhaps?

Looking towards the tables Looking towards the counter

For drinks, we had the Iced Coffee and Flat White.

Iced Coffee Flat White

We decided to order a savory dish and a couple of sweets to share as we were not that hungry. For savory, we had the Mushrooms sauteed pickled crispy egg mojo crispy parmesan ($19). I’d ordered an extra serve of Sourdough bread ($5.50) as I’d read in a blog that the dish doesn’t come with bread which I thought was a bit strange. Alas, when the dish came, two slices of bread came with it! One plate too many bread!

The dish was flavorsome with multiple herbs. I especially loved the flowy crispy egg! Wet well with the extra bread we ordered haha. Yum!

Mushrooms with crispy egg and parmesan

Bread that came with the dish!Extra bread ordered

I love flowy eggs!

For sweets, I ordered the “Monut” but to my bewilderment, they did not know what I was talking about?! I showed them the photo that my BFF sent to me on the phone but all I got were blanked faces. Hmmm it was so strange!!! I walked to the counter and asked but the conclusion they came up with at the end was that they didn’t make them that today. Doh!! I would have thought it would be a signature item! I settled with a Dark Chocolate Tart and their Little Circle of Happiness ($5) which was recommended to be similar to the “Monut”.

Dark Chocolate TartLittle Circle of Happiness

Inside the Little Circle of Happiness

The Dark Chocolate Tart was really good, dense with a crunchy base. It was very filling. I was disappointed with the Little Circle of Happiness, the outer casing was too hard I gathered from the deep frying, and the gooey filling was not held within the casing which made eating it a one big mess!

Overall I was not too satisfied with the brunch as I didn’t get to try the “Monut”! The savory dish though was delicious. One thing I noticed was how loud the music was played, I had to speak up to be heard in a conversation which became quite tiring at the end.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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