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I woke up one morning to an invitation to lunch in Wanneroo, at a cafe called Elixir. What is this place I thought? Wanneroo is so far away! Is it worth the drive? My friend proceeded to list all the good reviews, high rating and praises she had heard about this cafe to convince me. Never one to refuse good food, I obliged.

Cafe Elixir is located at the new Library and Cultural Centre in the heart of the Wanneroo town centre, just off Wanneroo Road. Luckily my friend was driving, otherwise I would have gotten hopelessly loss (North suburbs are not my forte!).  On arrival, I found that the place was already packed! Great sign! The cafe had a homely feel which I liked.

Lots of people2

I ordered my usual Long Macchiato ($4.20) to start with. Great coffee, beans are from 5 senses! I noticed that they also have a great specialty tea selection – wouldn’t mind trying the Goji berry or Acai berry tea! And what is a Black Orthodox? Can only find out the next time I’m here!

For food, we had:

  • Onion Rings ($8.50) – “fried to perfection and served with garlic aioli”. True to it’s menu, the batter was crunchy but not too oily..perfection. Couldn’t get enough of the creamy aioli!

Onion Rings

  • Seafood Paella ($24) – this had been taken off the menu this year as I don’t notice this dish in the latest menu on their website. Worth a mention though, the paella was jam packed with seafood with a chili kick in the sauce. Squid rings as!

Seafood Paella

  • Stuffed Field Mushroom ($16.90) – I believe this is one of their specialty dish and definitely it is a must order! Plump huge field mushrooms stuffed with amazing cream cheese and vegetable mix, grilled and served on a bed of baby spinach and golden sweet potato rosti. The best vegetarian dish I’d had! Love the juicy mushroom that melted in the mouth. I must get more!

Stuffed Field Mushrooms

One of the more enjoyable lunch I’ve had! I’m so glad I followed through with the invitation, otherwise I would have missed out on trying something awesome!

Cafe Elixir also supports the “buy local” philosophy, using the freshest seasonal products wherever possible. Another plus!

Rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars

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