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Iku Sushi What is an Iku Cup you might ask? Well….wait for it….what is it? Bubbletea of course! Yes, you heard it right, Iku Sushi is now selling bubble tea in their sushi bar! I was fortunate to be invited to sample their new bubble tea range recently, and BOY, there were so many flavours to choose from! And some extra SPECIAL ones!

Yay for Bubble Tea

There were the…

  • The Originals
  • Milk & Cream Crate
  • Yoghurt Crate – with Calpico (Japanese milk soda flavoured drink)
  • Fruit Crate – with chose of Black or Green Jasmine tea base
  • The “PresTEAge” – this is the top notch teas, flavoured straight from the tea leaf
  • HealthTEAs – this is also flavoured straight from the tea leaf with an organic taste. A natural, fresher and healthier alternative bubble tea

I managed to sample one or two from each category. I must say I was ‘bubble-teed’ happy by the end of it! Oh..and not to forget the numerous visits to the toilets after :p

I was served straight from the top notch teas…the PresTEAge range! PRICE (without topping): $4.90 for MED and $5.10 Milk’ed MED.  I had the…

  • Hello Ninjaone of the activities of ninjas involving the sitting down and having a cuppa of this vanilla fruity tea after a hard day’s battle and shurikening. *excerpt from the menu* *hehe* The Hello Ninja had a strong tea flavor, it was refreshing but not too sweet. I had it with the herbal jelly, which was soft and slippery…oh so good!

Hello Ninja!*Ha Yak* Hello Ninja!

  • Harajuku Hipstersit is imagined that the hipsters of Harajuku would be sipping this on the streets, tropical fruit bubblelicious. The Harajuku Hipsters was another strong tea but with a deeper and fuller flavour. I had it with the sago, the sago was super yummy, caramelized and didn’t taste plasticky at all.  I was told that the sago was refined in the shop itself, stewed for 1.5 hours before being used. Wow! No wonder it tasted so good!

Harajuku HipstersHJ - love the sago!

  • The Imperial – fit for an Emperor, it’s a rich and golden complex brew with a silky finish that leaves the drinker with a desire for more. Must try for bubble tea connoisseurs. Yes to that!

The Imperial!

  • Royale with Teas – two tea inhouse blend of black leaf; Iku is hoping that this infusion is as infamous to Iku Cup as the cheese is to its burger counterpart. I found this refined with a subtle taste (not as strong as the previous others)

Onto the Milk & Cream Crate…I had the Matcha Green Tea Latte ($4.70 for MED with no topping)…it was so good! One of my favourites. Love the taste of the green tea infused with milk and chilled!

Matcha Green Tea Latte

Next was from the Fruit Crate … the Mango ($4.50 for MED with no topping) Bubbletea. This is the traditional bubbletea with added French syrup. As such this is the only range where you can’t choose the sugar level. IKU emphasised that the syrup they use is natural with no preservatives, so you won’t find the artificial taste found in other syrups. True to the word, I found that this fruity Bubbletea tasted more natural as I’m normally not a big fan of syrup drink. This was good in comparison!

Mango Bubbletea

One thing I really wanted to try was the Watermelon Calpico ($4.90 for MED with no topping) from the Yoghurt Crate category. Great choice, this was sweet and refreshing, almost similar to yakult but better. Another favourite!

Watermelon Calpico

Last but not least…I had to try some from the Originals…I had the Iku Original Tea ($4 for MED with no topping) and Iku Premium MILK’ed Tea ($4.20 MED with no topping). This had quite strong tea flavour too but hopefully my taste buds were not skewered by the previous many!

Iku Original Tea

Some of the toppings on offer..there are priced at 60c each. Sago, Lychee jelly, Grape jelly, Herbal jelly, Azuki red bean, Aloe vera and Pudding. Yum!

Toppings Galore

Overall it was an extremely fun visit! This is the first time I had taste tested bubbletea before and I thoroughly enjoyed it! 🙂

And now for the special offer from IKU, readers who quote the Perth Food Engineers when they buy a bubbletea will get a free upsize. What are you waiting for? Try one today!!
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