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The Old Crow is located on Newcastle Street in Northbridge, next to the ever popular Tuck Shop! We arrived quite early for breakfast so there was no line (yay!). Actually there were not that many people either for that matter. It was a different story though by the time we left! Early birds do catch the worms!

The Old Crow has a huge alfresco area which was so alluring but we opted to sit inside as it was sweltering hot that day. Yes, it had reached 30degC even though it was so early – Perth summer weather, gotta love it! Wooden tables and chairs padded with cushions greeted us inside.

Inside the Crow Inside the Crow

For drinks we had the Mocha and Apple Juice – $4 each. It was actually too hot to enjoy my Mocha, what was I thinking?! 

Apple Juice & Mocha

At a glance, it seemed like the breakfast menu offered very little selection, but on closer look, I realised that most of the the dishes sounded really special! I had to try the Pavlova, molasses & coconut custard with mango ($16) as it was highly recommended by my BFF, “very refreshing on a hot day” I’m told. Sold! We ordered another savory dish, the Mushrooms, provolone croquette, slow egg, red sauce ($19) and decided to do a swap. Half a savory dish + half a sweet dish = winner!

The menu

Mushroom, provolone croquette, slow egg, red sauce

I did not know that provolone is an Italian cheese until I saw the dish and researched it on Google. Eating chunk of cheese is never really my thing, however this was so flavorsome I almost forgot it was a cheese. Yum! I was also loving the mushrooms in this. Any dish with mushrooms is a plus! 🙂

Pavlova, molasses & coconut custard, mango

The Mango, Coconut Pavlova was the bomb! Normally not a fan of pavlova (hmm, what’s up with me ordering food that I don’t normally like to eat at the Old Crow?!), this was amazing! Very refreshing and light, it left a breadth of sunshine in my mouth! I love it! I would order this again the next time! ++ (thanks BFF for the recommendation!)

Great breakfast that morning with food I’m normally not a fan of turning out exceptionally well! The staff was friendly and service was quick! Will definitely be back to try something else!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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