Tutti Frutti, Victoria Park

Website: http://tfyogurt.com.au/

I first discovered the frozen yoghurt concept in the States a couple of years ago. Yes I’m slow as I know the Tutti Frutti in Leedy had been there for awhile :p. At the time, I had thought that it was such a marvelous idea, being able to choose the yoghurt flavors yourself, dispense the amount that you want into a cup and add however many toppings you like.

Dispense, add, weigh and pay. Easy!

I was very happy when Tutti Fruitt opened a branch in Vic Park on Albany Highway. So much closer to where I live. It’s my to go to place for dessert nowadays! Healthier than ice-cream but with the same great taste.

My favorite flavors so far are  the creamy types, the Lychee, Mango and Pistachio. Toppings would be anything with nuts and fruits. Oh I’m drooling thinking about them! They are so yummy! A warning though, it could get quite  pricey if you don’t have self-control! The cup in the second picture cost about $5 from memory.

Lychee with Mango + Lychees

Three flavors in this cup!

I thought I’ll share the photos of the ones I bought in Tutti Frutti in Los Angeles. We were shopping at the Citadel Outlets and found the store right when we were buggered. They were so refreshing! *love*

Tutti Frutti, LA

Lots of lollies!  Lots of fruits

Another one that was great was Yoghurtland, also in LA right outside Univeral Studio! Yum!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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