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The PFEs were contacted by Jac Olsen, the brainchild behind ‘Au Naturale’, a cold pressed juice delivery service based in the northern suburb of Perth, to sample some of her products. I was instantly interested, in particular the veggie juices she had on offer. As some of you may know of my recent dabbling into the paleo diet, what Jac was offering fit perfectly into it. Thank you so much Jac!

Some information about her business from their website…

Au Naturale’ was created, as I wanted everyone to be able to love and enjoy fresh fruit and vegetable juices, as much as I love and enjoy them. Being healthy shouldn’t be a punishment. It should fit into everyone’s busy lifestyle and be enjoyed.

I am a true believer in following your dreams, so now I’m making my dream a reality by sharing with you my raw, slow pressed juices. They are packed full of fresh fruits and vegetables, with no hidden nasties and are conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

I want my success to come from a love of what I produce and from people that like what I do. Each bottle of Au Naturale’ juice has been handcrafted, with a little bit of love in every mouthful

Happy Juicing

Jac and Malakai

Jac was so kind to deliver their juices to my office in the city. I couldn’t wait to try them!

Au Naturale' Juices

I received the following three flavors:- Carrot Top, Ginger Yam and R.S. (Rise n’ Shine). Loving the bright colored juices and striped straws that came with them!

Carrot Top

The Carrot Top consists of apple, carrot, orange and tumeric ($5.50 for 250ml). Please disregard the label on the bottle shown below as Jac told me that she had incorrectly label this due to the label machine playing up.

Carrot Top Juice

The Carrot Top was quite delicious with chunky bits within the juice. Love the sweetness that came from the apple and orange with a twist of flavor that came from the tumeric!

Ginger Yam

The Ginger Yam consists of celery, cucumber, green apple, ginger, lime, potato and tumeric. This was refreshing on a hot summer day with the blend of celery and cucumber. I tasted chunky apple bits as well. Great combination of veggies + apple.

Ginger Yam Nice label!

Last but not least, the R.S (Rise n’ Shine)

The R.S consists of beetroot, cabbage, carrot, cayenne pepper, celery, cucumber and ginger. This is what I liked best, pure vegetables but still tasted great. I had this one night when I was still hungry after dinner and was looking for something to snack on. My attention turned to the last bottle I had in the fridge thinking whether it would actually fill me up. It did! Awesome! I can understand now how a person can go on a detox diet with just drinking juices!

Rise n' Shine R.S

Au Naturale’ offers Juice Cleanse Packages as well which I am quite interested in – check them out on her website.  All prices are shown in her website including the range of delivery. There is even health info on some fruit and veg A-Z!

All in all, they were great products to review. Thanks for giving me the privilege to sample them!

PS: I saw on their Facebook page that she is offering a free cold pressed juice tasting with raw kale chip / raw bliss balls tomorrow 22/2/14 at the Scarborough Bikram Yoga Centre 730am – 11am. Why not head down there to sample some. I’m sure you will be blown away!

Narration by: Miss L



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