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The PFEs were offered a care package from Dim Sum & Co to taste late last year and I readily accepted, being the lover of all things dimsum! Dropped off at work, I was the envious of my colleagues as they spied the goodies in the freezer. (Sorry guys, I’ll make it up to you guys next time).

There were three boxes in the package, the Pork & Asian Green Dumplings, Steamed BBQ Pork Bun and Chicken & Waterchestnut Sui Mei. I was excited to try them all!

Insulated package!The goodies

A morsel of information about the company founded by Karen Lavecky from their website…

Mouthfuls of Goodness

Who doesn’t love a soft, steaming pork bun, crunchy spring roll or a melt in your mouth dumpling? Now, thanks to Dim Sum & Co’s readymade selections, you can enjoy the delights of Yum Cha at home with ease.

We have created a range of spring rolls, dumplings, buns and siu mei that is Australian owned and made, using fresh Australian ingredients. Best of all Dim Sum & Co products are quick frozen, meaning you can have them on hand for unexpected visitors or a healthy after school snack.

Dim Sum & Co are committed to delivering a healthy, hearty and delicious alternative to Asian fast food. Using Fresh Australian produce, no fillers and no MSG.

Dim Sum & Co really is your everyday answer to the perfect bite!!!!

There were 15 pieces in the box of Pork & Asian Green Dumplings – tender parcels of lean pork, Asian greens & spices in homemade pastry, with 18g of fat per serve. They can be steamed (lower fat), boiled (easy) or pan fry (quick). I decided to pan fry the dumplings.

Dumplings in the pan All fried up Inside the dumpling Inside thedumpling

With a nice and tasty filling, each dumpling was packed with ingredients which I find rare in frozen products (normally quite skimpy with the ingredients). These were great!

There were 8 pieces in the box of Steamed BBQ Pork Bun – lean pork marinated in rich sauced, wrapped in light and soft bun, with 28g of fat per serve. They can be microwaved (easy) or steamed (low fat). Steaming for these babies for me!

BBQ Pork Bun

The buns came out soft and fluffy after the steam which I liked. I’m usually not a big fan of BBQ Pork Bun as I find the ratio of filling compared to the dough is usually disproportionate, with the outer case of the bun normally becoming hard fast. These were great in terms of softness, but the meat/dough ratio was still not quite to my liking.

There were 6 pieces in the box of Chicken & Waterchestnut Sui Mei – parcel of tender chicken and crisp water chestnut, with 28g of fat per serve. They can be microwaved (on the go) or stove top steamed (easy). What I like about this is the microwave steamer box that came with it. I would have opted for the steaming option since I have my steamer out but as I wanted to check out the steamer box, I decided to microwave them instead.

Microwave steamer box Microwave steamer box

Pretty cool and convenient! Just add water and zap away. I like the Sui Mei too, lots of ingredients, juicy and not too fatty. Good stuff!

This is the platter of goodies I put together after each cooking process for taste testing with my friends. Getting these cooked were fast and convenient. My friends had good reviews for them too. The only thing to heed with these is to not leave it too long before consuming them as the outer casing do eventually harden with time (after an hour or so in my case).

Platter of goodies

Overall, great range of products! I like that there are no MSG or fillers in the food and they are all from an Australian owned company!

The full range of available products are stocked in the following locations in WA – click on the link here! Prices start at $7 and range to $10.

Thank you for the opportunity to product sample these – Sweaty Betty PR.

Narration by: Miss L



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