Dosukoi, Perth

Dosukoi entranceDosukoi made its name in the Fremantle markets the last few years selling their specialty noodles – the ramen and soba to name a couple. As I do not frequent Freo much, I’d never had a chance to sample their dishes (Miss Egg had though a few years back – her review here!). When I found out that they had open a branch in Perth, I made a note to go for lunch one day!

The day came earlier this week when I had to choose a place to meet up with a friend for lunch. The place was chockers when I arrived, all occupied as there are limited seats to to start with. I was quite surprised that the Asian cafe, the space which Dosukoi occupies now is gone! I had to not so subtly stand next to a group who looked like they were finishing up to mark the seats! Only after seating down that I noticed the wall lined with Japanese manga books! Quite cool!

View from where I sat

Having read a few reviews of this place to get an idea on what I should order, I decided on No. 6, the noodle soup in bowl with fried chicken on top, miso base ($9.90). The fried chicken on top sounded too tempting to bypass! The bowl of noodle soup came and the first thing I thought was, great price for what I’m getting! There were quite a number of chicken pieces in there. The dish was tasty, but I found that as the fried chicken were left too long in the soup, they had became soggy by the time I got to them. Doh! It would have been nicer if they were crispier! The soup base was on the average side. However at that price I’m not complaining!

Fried Chicken Noodle Soup

Just before chomping down on the noodles, I noticed this imprint on the seaweed! How befitting for the restaurant’s name! Dosukoi translating to “a sumo exclamation” in English! Haha


My friend ordered No. 4, the noodle soup with soft pork on top, soy base ($9.90). This I believe is a best seller at Dosukoi.  Looked great! Lots of pork pieces!

Soft Pork Noodle Soup

All in all, I think there are 9 varieties to choose from. They sell sides of fried chicken and takoyaki for those who fancy something extra. Just a note that there are chili flakes at the counter free for use. I forgot to add them to my bowl of noodle soup! Doh! 

Lunching at Dosukoi felt like eating at a fast food ramen joint to me, albeit a generous one, when one compare the amount of meat they put in the dishes to other restaurants. Great prices for what you get. I’m glad I came to try this! 

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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