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I first heard of East Cafe when my BFF and I were picking over a couple of options for lunch earlier this year. We ended up at Noodle Forum (post to come!) and I forgot all about East Cafe until I walked past it last week with my colleagues on our way to lunch at…guess where? ..Noodle Forum! Haha OK I know this post is not about Noodle Forum :P. Anyways it was a surprise to me that East Cafe was so close to my office. I’d always thought it was somewhere in the backstreet of East Perth. I made a mental note “to try” this cafe out next time since it was so convenient to get to. I was also attracted to how it was so busy on that day we walked past, always a healthy sign!

The opportunity came when an ex-colleague called to catch up over lunch. I suggested East Cafe, it was nice and close, and most importantly I can tick it off my to try list! It was not very busy when we arrived so we found a table easily. The cafe is deceiving spacious, with another seating area opening up at the back. Great!

Food Counter

I deliberated over the menu, there was Banh Mi – the Vietnamese baguette I had been craving now for a couple of weeks, but I also wanted to try the noodles. I suggested that we shared and my ex-colleague agreed. I like it when people are flexible like that! 🙂

So here comes the Vietnamese pork Banh Mi ($6.50), cut in half obligingly by the staff. That half of a baguette really satisfied my craving! I’m no expert in Banh Mi but I thought this tasted pretty awesome! Love it! I’ll definitely be back for this since this is so near my office. Much better option than Subway!

Vietnamese Pork Banh Mi

The Pho Dac Biet ($12) came next – beef hofan noodle soup with sliced medium rare beef, meat balls and beef brisket. This was a bit lacking, too little noodle and ingredients, with broth on the average side. And no mint leaves! Maybe I won’t come back so soon for this.

Pho Dac Biet

I’d also ordered the Iced Vietnamese Coffee ($4.90) which was on the average side too. It didn’t come in the dripper like what you would normally get at a Vietnamese restaurant either. Not too keen.

Iced Vietnamese Coffee

One thing I must commend is the friendliness of the staff. They were full of smile, bright and cheery, and very accommodating with my requests. Love the warmth they exuded.

I’ll definitely be back for some Banh Mi goodness, and some of the Vietnamese Spring Roll and Salads goodness I spied at the counter for approx. $6 per container. Not too sure about the noodles. Yay to another option for lunch near my office!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
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