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Feast was discovered during our trip to Pusey’s Puff to get some sponge puffs for afternoon tea. My colleagues and I abandoned our lunch from home and decided to get some takeaways from there to share between us. We were particularly attracted to the colorful canapes and salads on display, they look so fresh and appetising!

CounterYummy food on display

Desserts on displayMore desserts!  

We managed to order our food quickly amongst the bustling of people at the counter – it was chockers with people wanting some takeaways. It could be due to the fact that the canapes cost only $3 per serving! Bargain really! Anyways we had to wait awhile as we ordered something from the lunch menu as well and they needed time to heat up the food. I turned around in the meantime checking out the cafe’s seating. Quite cosy I must say! Would be nice to come here for breakkie! Yes they serve breakfast as well!

Seating Cosy couches

Back at the office, we opened the boxes in anticipation!

  • Thai fish cakes with asian dipping sauce ($3) – tasted great and quite substantial for the price. Love the herbs in the fish cakes!

Thai fish cake

  • Vegetarian arancini with tomato capsicum relish ($3) – this was something I chose, check out the size of it! It didn’t taste as good as expected though, slightly bland and the middle bit did not taste as nice as there was no crunchy coating to go with it, only the rice (I’m a sucker for fried food!). The big size became a disadvantage at the end I thought.

Vegetarian arancini

  • Lamb Suffre, filo pastry, silver beet spinach, feta & spiced lamb mince – I couldn’t remember how much this was, possibly in the $10 or more range. This was recommended by Feast so we thought we had to get it. True to the recommendation, it was great! Layers of goodies encased within the filo pastry, tasted slightly middle eastern with the spices in the mince. The filo pastry was soggy by the time we got back to the office though, I think it would have been better eating it fresh at the cafe itself.

Lamb suffre

  • Beef Lasagne – we couldn’t get past this without ordering it. Always a favorite, this was particularly tasty, saucy with lots of meat filling and soft lasagne sheets! I like!

Beef Lasagne

We made a great choice that day to try some of the food at Feast! I will be back for more of their canapes, and maybe a salad or two! Check out their menu for the full range of hot and cold canapes available at the cafe and also for catering.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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