****Brumby’s Nutella Hot Cross Buns!****

Nutella Hot Cross BunsWebsite: www.brumbys.com.au

Brumby’s Bakery has announced an exclusive partnership with Ferrero Australia and its famous brand, Nutella®, Australia’s third largest selling branded spread. Available in stores until the end of Easter, Brumby’s Easter range features freshly baked white Hot Cross Buns filled with a generous dollop of Nutella® spread as part of its Easter range. The Hot Cross Bun with Nutella will appeal to all tastes with a simple flavour profile combination for those who prefer something different to the traditional spiced bun. In addition to the Nutella flavour, Brumby’s are also baking Traditional and Fruitless Hot Cross Buns. All Hot Cross Buns are sold as a single bun ($1.30) or a six pack ($6.60).

Miss L from the PFEs was delighted to sample some of these delicious sounding Nutella Ho

Brumby's South Perth Inside Brumby's

My six pack!

Six pack of Nutella Hot Cross Buns

The first thing that hit me when I opened the bag was the lovely aroma wafting out, the delicious smell of freshly baked bread! Loved it! Brumby’s must do wonders in the morning at the bakery! I don’t think I can resist going into the shop to get one if I walk pass a Brumby’s!



Yummy Nutella Hot Cross Bun!

The dollop of Nutella in the middle of the bun looked very enticing! Did I hear you wonder what the inside of the bun look like? Why, I thought you’d never asked!

Inside the Nutella hot cross bun!

Wow I couldn’t believe the middle part is filled with Nutella right to the bottom! I decided to toast the bun lightly to get the Nutella runny and the bun slightly crisp 🙂

Nutella Hot Cross Bun toasted!

The pictures say it all! Delicious and addictive hot cross buns they were. My friend and I were talking about them as well just the week before so I gave some for her and her mum to try. They were so happy! Win-win 🙂

Brumby’s bakers make their Hot Cross Buns fresh daily using traditional scratch baking techniques, and all stores will be running their ovens at full steam from now until Easter to keep up with demand. For your nearest Brumby’s location or for more information about Brumby’s Hot Cross Buns visit their website – link at the top of page.

I would definitely go back for more leading up to Easter! Was trying to convince our Admin lady at work to get some for our office celebration too hehe *fingers crossed*

Thanks to Retail Food Group and Brumby’s South Perth for the samples. I loved them! Yum!

Narration by: Miss L




  • laurasmess

    March 31, 2014

    I have been drooling over these ever since I saw an advert in the newspaper. OH MY GOSH! Your image completely sells it! I am running out to Brumby’s tomorrow with an oversized shopping bag. I am sure that I wouldn’t be able to stop at one! x

    • Miss L

      April 2, 2014

      Oh do let me know if you get some, I had a reader wrote to me the other day that the amount of Nutella in her hotcross bun is very small, unlike the advert!

      • laurasmess

        April 2, 2014

        Oh dear, I would be very disappointed if that was me! I will definitely let you know. Yours look perfect in the photos!


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