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Remember the $3 chicken rice back in those days that were so tasty and popular with students studying in UWA? (Back in those days = 10 years ago FYI :P) This is what G’Fun is except with a name change (used to be called Chilliz I believe, my memory fails me sometimes), location change and prices increased to $4 – $4.50 per pack. Not too bad I must say, that is only $1 – $1.50 increase in a decade!

Long queueThe cafe is quite bare, with simple tables and chairs lining the wall on one side and a baine marie of hot food on the other. We wanted to reminisce our uni days when we decided to get lunch from there that day (actually more so because the Japanese restaurant Ohnamiya we wanted to go to nearby was full! :P). 

The queue was quite long to get to the food. I believe that is the usual case most days. One must admit it is a bargain price for the amount of food you get. Easy, simple and on the go! We had:

  • Roast Chicken Rice ($4.50) – looked ok with generous pieces of chicken.

Roast Chicken Rice

  • Teriyaki Fish with Rice ($4.50) – one of the few dishes with vegetables!

Teriyaki Fish Ric

  • Nasi Lemak ($4.50) – I ordered this and thought it was really not up to scratch. Too much rice and not enough ingredients. The rice was dry too. Maybe I should have gotten the Chicken Rice instead!

Nasi Lemak

  • Curry Puff (I think it was $2) – not quite up to scratch either, I’m quite picky with my Curry Puffs! The batter was more doughy than crunchy and filling was not tasty.

Curry Puff

On a positive note, my friends were excited about the Root Beer they found in the fridge, made famous by the A&W fast food chainstores ($2 each).

Root Beers

Not sure what it was but I did not enjoy my food as much as what I remembered back in my uni days. Maybe I have become a better cook over the years, or my taste bud had changed. Won’t be returning too soon but that is only my personal preference. I think this is still one of the better Cheap Eats places in Perth!

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars
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