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The PFEs had been fortunate recently to be invited to a few event launches around Perth. One such is the launch of Maurizio Restaurant’s Il Giro D’Italia (translated as Culinary Journey through the Regions of Italy). Over two days last weekend saw the hosting of a food fair where patrons can enjoy a wide variety of bites from Italia’s exotic regions and relax with drinks in Maurizio’s Piazza while being entertained by their most popular musicians. The food fair was a precursor to the 12th Series Il Giro D’Italia 2014!

Information regarding the Il Giro D’Italia …..

IL Giro D’Italia season starts at Maurizio Restaurant from the 8th March with the first Region Puglia, and then held throughout the year with the Grand Finale on Saturday 15th November. The flyer below shows the dates and featured regions in the coming months.  Each Il Giro D’Italia night is a wonderful opportunity to taste authentic Italian cuisine from 20 different regions in Italy. It is a showcase of history, background and culture of each region of Italy through a careful selection of impeccable dishes.

Experience a degustation of fine dining and delicious wines accompanied by live entertainment, priced at $110 for Degustation Dinner & Pre Dinner Drinks and $130 Grand Finale Ball.

Il Giro D'Italia Program

I’m eyeing the Region Toscana and Sicilia..reminiscing the awesome food I had in Italy last year! Ahhh…ok now back to the Festival Launch!

The food fair itself was a great event put on by Maurizio Restaurant to showcase their culinary skills. I had such a fun time last Saturday, and an extremely full and satisfied stomach by the end! Maurizio’s Piazza and cooking stations below…

1 Cooking Station

We started with some Italian Dama wines and the Vignarosa Prosecco 40 sparkling wine ($7) on arrival. The sparkling wine was so good, dry with a nice light finish. I like it!

Wines galore Vignarosa Prosecco 40! Yummy!

My friend Shaz obligingly posing for a happy chappy photo 🙂

Shaz enjoying her white wine!

Lots of authentic food were on offer too!

  • Arancino ($3.50) – rice and cheese ball, they were delicious! The sauce had seeped right into the entire arancino making every bite so tasty. Lovely!

Arancino Inside the arancino

  • Rustic Italian Antipasto ($7) –   I like the cheese and the meat! I like everything!

Meat & Cheese Bread Rustic Italian Antipasto

  • Pasta E Fagioli ($7) – home made pasta with bean soup. This was another hit! Very hearty!

Pasta E Fagioli Pasta E Fagioli

  • Arrosticini ($7) – 3 traditional lamb skewers and toasted garlic bread. I love the garlic bread that came with this dish!

Lamb skewers being skilled Arrosticini

  • Mini Rosette with Porchetta ($7) – roll with roasted pork. The whole roasted pig was in display, poor piggy, they even put a party hat on it! The roll was delicious though, succulent meat wedged between soft Italian bread. No sauce was needed as it was so flavorsome. I want more!

Roasted pig Bread roll Mini Rosette with porchetta

  • Pizza ($7) – I didn’t get to try this as I was too full!


There were a few selection of desserts ($5 each) but I was too full to taste any at the end! Boo!

Dolci! Pizzelle Con Crema

There was also a pasta demonstration at the festival, the chef making some Pasta Chitarra! So cool! I’d never seen such device before!

Pasta demonstrationPasta demonstration Chitarra pasta Chitarra pasta Ta dah!

The chef cooked the freshly made pasta for us to sample. The sauce was so simple but the dish was oh so delicious! The power of freshly made pasta!!

Al dente chitarra

Judging by the delicious food on offer at the food fair, I can only imagine how good the Degustation Dinner will be! Check out the interior of the restaurant below, beautiful settings!

Inside Maurizio Restaurant Inside Maurizio Restaurant

Thanks to NRC Communications and Maurizio Restaurant Events Catering for the invitation! 🙂

Narration by: Miss L

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