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Having missed out on lunching at Ohnamiya the last time round as it was full, I headed out one afternoon after a busy morning at work. It was past lunchtime and lo and behold, there was only a couple of tables occupied. Yay! I was spoilt for choices on seating!

The restaurant is small and cosy with quite comfortable chairs. The lady serving me was extra friendly as well. On that particular day, I had lost my voice from a bad throat virus and could barely make a sound. All that came out were hoarse whispers. She was very patient and kind whilst taking my order. Thank you lady! 🙂

Ohnamiya provides complimentary green tea as well. Bonus!

Inside Ohnamiya Complimentary green tea!

The steps in choosing a meal is quite special, consisting of two steps. The first step involves picking a dish that you desire from 10 main meals available. Dishes such as Teriyaki, Katsu etc cooked with a meat of your choice. The second step then gives you the option of five different type of boxes you can have with varying prices. Depending on how hungry one is, items can be added to the ‘box’. I thought it was a very cool idea! This becomes clearer from the menu below.

Ohnamiya Menu

I decided on the Teriyaki Fish in a Rice Box which came to $11. Loved the teriyaki sauce and the side salads that came with the box. Quite generous serving as well!

Teriyaki Fish Rice Box

I can understand why Ohnamiya is constantly full during lunch time. With tasty food at reasonable prices, teamed with great service, who wouldn’t go back for more!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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