****Taste the Crunch Jazz Apple Cocktail Event****

Jazz Apples launchWebsite: http://www.jazzapple.com.au/

The PFEs were invited to an event recently for the launch of an apple. Yes, you heard right, an apple! My interest was piqued especially as it was held at Bistro Guillaume in the Crown Perth Hotel. There would be Jazz Apple cocktails, Bistro Guillaume’s bespoke Jazz Apple canapes and a taste of the first season’s Jazz Apples from the orchard. I was excited!

Bistro Guillaume was beautifully decorated on the night, with Jazz Apples strewn all over the restaurant. I love the huge barrel of Jazz Apples located at the entrance. So inviting!

Bistro Guillaume Lovely barrel of Jazz Apples More Jazz apples in every corner of the place!

Jazz Apples deco Jazz Apples! Nice!More deco Lovely! Beautiful!

We were spoilt for choices with drinks! We went with the Jazz Apple Martini and Jazz Apple Cocktail. They were refreshing!

Apple Martini and Apple CocktailSome of the Jazz Apple inspired canapes on offer that night included the Salmon Tartare, Duck Confit, Chicken Liver Parfait and Pork Belly!

Salmon Tartare with Jazz Apple julienne Duck confit with Jazz Apple Pork belly with Jazz Apple Chicken liver parfait with Jazz Apple

I was looking forward to the speeches to find out more about the Jazz Apples! What I heard was an inspirational story from the Montague family and their staff. Humble beginnings but with perseverance and tenacity, had made Jazz Apples as successful as what it is now. Hats off to all the growers and farmers working hard across Australia to provide us with great local produce! Jazz Apples were described as aromatic, crispy and sweet, with lineage from a cross between Gala and Braeburn apples. I made a mental note to get some from the markets to try when they are out in April!

Jazz Apple - Montague Jazz Apple - MD

The launch ended with a couple of lovely desserts – the Jazz Apple Creme Brulee and Jazz Apple Jelly. The creme brulee was awesome, had a few of those!

Jazz Apple Creme Brulee Jazz Apple Jelly

We were given a box of Jazz Apples to taste as we left! How thoughtful of them! Thank you!

Box of Jazz Apples!

I was telling my colleagues the next day about this event and their interests were piqued as well as they have not heard of this type of apple before. What I did with the box of Jazz Apples was to have a tasting of my own. Comments were collected from my family, my colleagues and my sister’s colleagues!

Jazz Apple! Tasting begins!

“Fresh and juicy”

“Thick skinned but crunchy”

“Crisp and acidic”

“Fresh and crispy with a sour taste”

“Sweet and crunchy”

“Initially tasty but flavor dissipates”

For myself personally, I liked the crunchiness and juiciness from the Jazz Apple and its firm flesh. It was not as sweet as expected but I have a feeling it is because it had not fully ripen with the green hues in the flesh.

Thanks to Jazz Apples for the event, and the Media Moguls for the invite! 

Jazz Apples are due in store mid-April and will be available in all major supermarkets and food retailers nationally. Jazz Apples are grown in Batlow (NSW), Huon Valley (TAS), Adelaide Hills (SA), Stanthorpe (QLD), Manjimup (WA), Northern Tasmania and Southern Victoria.

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Narration by: Miss L




  • laurasmess

    March 30, 2014

    I love Jazz apples. I first tried them during a trip to New Zealand quite a few years ago now… I was disappointed upon returning home to the realization that the variety wasn’t available in my home town. Very cool to know that the Jazz apple will be in stores from mid-April. The event looked very special indeed! Great write up.

    • Miss L

      April 2, 2014

      Thanks Laura! The event was indeed quite special. I’ll be checking out the Jazz apples in store too, great introduction to the apple!

  • JCM

    April 4, 2014

    love, love, LOVE Jazz Apples! Best Apple ever I say and so excited they are back in season!!!!!!!


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