****Chocolateria San Churro Winter Menu Special Preview****

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The PFEs were invited last month to preview the Chocolateria San Churro Winter Menu at the Northbridge branch, and boy was I excited! I still remember the fuss over San Churro when it first arrived on our shore, in Fremantle to be exact! Years on, I still love those churros dipped in the delicious couverture chocolate!

To preempt the extra sugar load I would consume from this dessert fix, I decided to walk to the store from work. It took me a good 25 minutes but I felt all ready to dig into the sweet treats upon arrival 🙂

Winter Menu Preview Evening!

The back space of Chocolateria San Churros Northbridge was turned into a zone for the ‘tasters’. Most of the guests were competition winners and likely big fans of San Churro. Quite a different scene from the usual bloggers event I had attended. Tables were set up with information to welcome us, and of course to facebook, tweet, hashtag and instagram about our experience!

Preview Event Table setting

We were offered a mini version of the Chocolate Tapas, a tasting plate of chocolate, choc brownie, strawberries and other chocolate delights as starters. Great way to begin the night!

Mini Chocolate Tapas

Not long after, we were then given a run down of the night by the San Churro Marketing Manager with the owner of San Churro Northbridge by her side There were quite a number of new products in the Winter Menu, good for us! Note: I will not be publishing the prices alongside the items in this post as I usually do as we were given miniature version of the actual products. For more info on the prices, check out their online menu (click here).

Speech from Marketing Manager

First came the Cinnamon Breakfast Churro which is only available before midday. The Churro was not too sweet and was extra crunchy. One of my favorites, actually all churros are my favorites! 😛 The Cinnamon Breakfast Churro can be purchased with condensed milk for those who love their sweet breakfast!

Cinnamon Breakfast Churros Cinnamon Breakfast Churros

The Churros were followed by their new Shakes. There are two new flavors this winter, the Salted Caramel and the Salted Chocolate Coconut! The Salted Caramel Shake was balanced in flavor between the saltiness and sweetness. It was surprisingly not overly sweet. A milky drink!

Salted Caramel Shake

The Salted Chocolate Coconut had shredded coconut and dark chocolate chips through the drink. The taste of the shredded coconut was distinct. Great for coconut lovers!

Salted Caramel Shake

We were then treated with Ice Cream Sundaes, once again a Salted Caramel flavor and an all time favorite Cookies & Cream. The Salted Caramel Sundae is made up of white chocolate ice cream with warm salted caramel fudge, melted milk chocolate & crushed choc malt balls. The Cookies & Cream Sundae with the same white chocolate ice cream but with warm chocolate fudge, chocolate biscuit crumble & chewy macaron meringue pieces.

Ice Cream Sundae

Guess which was my favorite? I had to pick the Salted Caramel Sundae (RHS photo below) as I liked the taste of the warm salted caramel fudge through the ice-cream.

Cookies and Cream Sundaie Salted Caramel Sundae

The Chocolate Volcano that came next really pushed my sugar limit over the edge. The Chocolate Volcano is a warm & soft chocolate pudding with a gooey chocolate lava centre, served with vanilla ice cream. It would have been a great dessert served by itself. I love the gooey chocolate lava which moistened the cake from the inside rather than the top. Awesome dessert!

Chocolate Volcano

The Volcano 'Erupted' Volcano

In case we were not overloaded with sugar by this stage, we were served the ultimate in San Churro, the Spanish Hot chocolate, full of flavor, thick, rich and unmercifully wicked. I think I experienced ‘death by chocolate’ in its full sense that night! In the Winter Menu, they are the El Grande, the ultimate hot chocolate indulgence, topped with either marshmallows & chocolate syrup; crushed malt balls and choc biscuit crumble. We had the marshmallows & chocolate syrup and the choc biscuit crumble. So yummy but unfortunately we could not finish them!

El Grande - marshmallows & choc syrup El Grande - Choc biscuit crumble

To top things off, we were given a bag of goodies consisting of various Sweet Things that can be purchased in store. Below is a gift box of 4 of their Truffles & Pralines ($8.95). Thank you for the generosity! They were delicious!

Box of Truffles & Pralines

Many thanks to Chocolateria San Churro Northbridge for the event, and Haystac for the invite! 

Be sure to try out the new Winter Menu available now in store! Still thinking of the lovely and crunchy Cinnamon Breakfast Churro…aahhh!

Narration by Miss L
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