****Chronicles of the Long Mac – City of Perth Coffee Shops****

Today marks the first day of the Eat Drink Perth Festival! Yay! As part of the festival this month, I plan to randomly visit various coffee shops in the City of Perth, mainly the ones near my workplace to sample my favorite coffee drink – the Long Macchiato. My other ulterior motive is that I have joined a health program at work which requires us to exercise daily and walking to get my coffee is a sure way to accumulate exercise minutes 🙂

I’ll be using my beloved Miu Miu wallet as a coffee cup measurement, its appearance will be frequent in this post 🙂 My order will be a small Long Mac (8oz) with skim milk, topped up for consistency. I am by no way a coffee expert, comments are just my personal opinion and preference. I will add to this post as the month progresses, it will be fun 🙂

1) Bench Espresso (Cost $4.50)
Bench EspressoInside Bench EspressoLong MacComment: “Woody with a bitter after taste”
Exercise minutes: 10
Bench Espresso on Urbanspoon

2) Madlilys Espresso (Cost $4.30)
Madlilys Espresso Madlilys Espresso - inside Long Mac from Madlilys EspressoComment: “Earthy flavor, good after taste however not topped up completely”
Exercise minutes: 20
Madlilys Espresso on Urbanspoon

3) Mo Espresso (Cost $4)
3_MoEspresso0 3_MoEspresso1 3_MoEspresso3Comment: “Earthy and a mild musky flavor, smooth on the palate”
Exercise minutes: 24
Mo Espresso on Urbanspoon

4) La Veen Coffee & Kitchen (Cost $3.80)
4_LaVeen0 4_LaVeen1 4_LaVeen2
Comment: Love the fluoro green coffee lid! Coffee is from 5 Senses and was smooth on the palate
Exercise minutes: 40
La Veen Coffee & Kitchen on Urbanspoon

5) Lowdown (Cost $3.50)
5_LowDown0 5_LowDown1 5_LowDown2Comment: “Mild coffee flavor. I like it!”
Exercise minutes: 36
Lowdown on Urbanspoon

6) Coffee Club (Cost $4.50)
6_CoffeeClub0 6_CoffeeClub1 6_CoffeeClub2
Comment: “Cup looked bigger than the normal small coffee, tasted ordinary, easy on the palate”
Exercise minutes: 8
The Coffee Club Adelaide Terrace on Urbanspoon

7) Coffee Live (Cost $3.70)
7_CoffeeLive0 7_CoffeeLive1 7_CoffeeLive2
Comment: “Strong and intense in flavor, Fiori beans. Love the grungy look of the shop”
Exercise minutes: 20
Location: Inside Equus Arcade, Perth CBD

8) PERC (Cost $3.50)
8_Perc0 8_Perc1 8_Perc2
Comment: “Strong with a slight fruity taste”
Exercise minutes: 14
PERC on Urbanspoon

9) Standing Room Only (Cost $3.80)
9_SRO0 9_SRO1 9_SRO2
Comment: “Strong with bitter after taste, was informed that they do not top up the milk right up to the top. Great that they made the effort to tell me!”
Exercise minutes: 30
Standing Room Only on Urbanspoon

10) Pulp (Cost $4.30)
10_Pulp0 10_Pulp1 10_Pulp2
Comment: “Strong with a sweet and slightly fruity flavor. Quite different!”
Exercise minutes: 18
Pulp on Urbanspoon

11) Infusion Coffee and Tea ($4.30)
11_Infusion0 11_Infusion1 11_Infusion3
Comment: “No small size, only regular but at the same price as some of the small sized cup such as Bench Espresso, Madlilys Espreso, Pulp etc. Strong coffee!”
Exercise minutes: 22
Infusion coffee and tea on Urbanspoon

12) E-Sense on Adelaide Terrace ($4.20)
12_e-sense 12_esense1
Comment: “Musky and earthy, dense flavor!”
Exercise minutes: 4
E-Sense On Adelaide Terrace on Urbanspoon

13) Rosso Espresso ($4)
12_Rosso0 12_Rosso1 12_Rosso2
Comment: “Full and lingering taste. I like it!”
Exercise minutes: 20
Rosso Espresso on Urbanspoon

14) Big Mug ($4.50)
13_BigMug0 13_BigMug1 13_BigMug2
Comment: “Earthy flavor, very strong with a slight bitter taste. A bit on the pricey side. Cup was only half full”
Exercise minutes: 16
Big Mug on Urbanspoon

15) East Cafe Vietnamese Bistro ($3.50)
Comment: “Full and strong in flavor and at a great price!”
Exercise minutes: 8
East | Cafe & Vietnamese Bistro on Urbanspoon

16) Kiva Coffee ($4)
Comment: “Smallest size is a Regular (same size as a Small cup), mild in flavor.”
Exercise minutes: 16
Kiva Coffee on Urbanspoon

17) Mini Espresso ($4)
16_MiniEspresso0 16_MiniEspresso1 16_MiniEspresso3
Comment: “Earthy and deep in flavor. Very nice! I like!”
Exercise minutes: 18
Mini Espresso on Urbanspoon

18) Shots Espresso Bar ($4.50)
17_Shots0 17_Shots1 17_Shots2
Comment: “Smooth and strong!”
Exercise minutes: 16
Shots Espresso Bar on Urbanspoon

19) Voltage Espresso ($4.30)
19_VoltageE0 19_VoltageE1 19_VoltageE2
Comment: “Strong, only sells as Regular (no Small), extra friendly service – asked whether I wanted the coffee strong”
Exercise minutes: 32
Voltage Espresso on Urbanspoon

20) Zucca Espresso ($3.80)
20_Zucca0 20_Zucca1 20_Zucca2
Comment: “Malty and creamy after taste!”
Exercise minutes: 18
Zucca Espresso on Urbanspoon

And this concludes the month long chronicles of the Long Macchiato for Eat Drink Perth 2014. Hope you have found a new coffee shop you had never been before and gave it a go! Happy Drinking 🙂

Narration by: Miss L




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