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The Public House was a two day festival held last weekend in Wolf Lane, showcasing some of the world’s best known street artists, with an outdoor gallery and creative pop-up installations strewn all over the laneway.  There was a huge crowd on the Friday night I was there. It was such a pleasing sight to see the support from the Perthians for this event! Pictures of some of the artworks are shown below! There were a few ‘out there’ artworks which I thought was cool. I especially like the multi-patterned and colourful wall at the end of the laneway which attracted a lot of passerby’s attention.

1a 1b 1c 1d 1e

By the time we finished admiring all the artworks we were famished! There are a few bars located along Wolf Lane, such as the Cheeky Sparrow and Bar de Halcyon, including the Wolf Lane bar itself. I had not been to the former two before so we headed there but unfortunately had to leave as there were both full! Packed to the brim full! We decided to go to the Stables Bar instead, another popular bar located not too far away.

The Stables Bar is located on Hay Street and as predicted was packed as well! Fortunately though we found a small table on the top floorl Yay! Time for some drinks and snacks. We had the Tropic Thunder ($17) – dark rum, apple, ginger and bitters, and also a specially made Toblerone ($17). The Toblerone is actually not in the cocktail menu but made especially by the bar staff due to my request. Such great service 🙂 It was yummy as well and satisfied my craving! Thank you!

Tropic thunderSpecial Toblerone

We ordered the following from the All Day Grazing Menu, tapas style made for sharing!

  • Crumbed paprika pepper stuffed with chorizo paella ($14) – huge pepper stuffed with tasty paella, they were delicious! There were four pieces per dish.

Pepper with Chorizo Paella

  • Pulled pork sliders with red cabbage, pickled zucchini & chipotle mayonnaise ($15) – these were my favorites, with generous amount of pork pieces themed with an appetizing salad. I like the picket potato fries that came with them!

Pork sliders with red cabbage and pickled zucchini

  • Lemon battered fish tacos with wasabi mayonnaise & cabbage salad ($15) – these were average, the fish was slightly soggy on the inside and did not have much taste to them.

Fish Tacos with cabbage

Service was great and friendly at the Stables Bar! Will definitely be back to try the other dishes on the menu!

For the month of April 2014 and as part of the Eat Drink Perth festival, the Stables Bar has two deals on offer, (1) Dessert Platter Special ($18), chef’s selection of 3 desserts, gluten free option available and (2) $10 Cocktail Special – Blueberry Pancake Cocktail, Woodford Reserve, Chambord butterscotch liquer, blueberry puree and maple syrup in fresh whipping cream.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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After snacking at the Stables Bar, we headed back to the Wolf Lane to hang out and found a ‘Music Closet’ art that we missed the first time round. Unfortunately I didn’t get to experience this artwork which proved to be very popular with the long list of people waiting in line to get into it. The idea behind the ‘Music Closet’ is that the person will go into a pitch black environment (the “closet”) and enjoy live singing from an artist singing into the closet.  The person will not see or know who the person singing to him/her is. I guess the point is to listen to music in its purest form and without any distraction? Quite artistic I thought!

By that time it was 9pm and people were packing up. We were still slightly peckish and headed to Laneway Lounge for another round of snacks and drinks! Laneway Lounge was also full but we found one last table in the main room *phew*. Loving the atmosphere and the live music!

I remembered that the cocktails here are quite special from a farewell I attended last month so I couldn’t wait to get another one to try. I had the Laneway Volcano Punch ($20), pampero anejo rum + apricot brandy + passion fruit + bitters & fresh pressed pineapple juice. This was sweet and delicious! I like it! There was smoke coming out from the cocktail to mimic a volcano 😛 Great gimmick!Laneway Volcano Punch Laneway Volcano Punch

My friend had the Lipstick Martini ($19), ketel one vodka + creme de violet + raspberry & rose mist + sparkling wine, served in martini glass with a lipstick smudge. This was even more special and befitting for a lady! Greater gimmick with the lipstick and alcoholic spray! I wonder whether anyone had ever taken the lipstick home? We didn’t! Hehe Lipstick MartiniLipstick Martini

We had a couple of simple snacks of Prawn ‘popcorn’ with chilli mayo ($15) and Duck liver parfait with black grapes, toasted almonds & grilled bread ($15) from the Love Bites section. The Duck liver parfait was lovely! The grapes and almonds tasted very fresh as well. Lots of bread to go with the parfait! Prawn popcorn!Duck Liver parfait

Service was great here too! I was very happy to encounter such attentive service at both places. Surely Perth can no longer be called dullsville now with such vibrant places to visit!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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