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The Public House Kitchen & Bar is a newly opened restaurant and bar located on Adelaide Terrace in East Perth, right below the building where I work. We had been longing for a nice restaurant to jazz up this part of the city and it certainly came true with the opening of Public House! With live entertainment on a Friday evening, it is a perfect place for after work drinks as well!

On this occasion, my colleagues and I headed there for lunch, excited to try something new! The Public House draws its influence from countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia to create a South American experience for its patrons, a cuisine that I don’t get to try often hence the anticipation.

The restaurant has a huge alfreso area and I chose to sit here, on the high benches with a view of the coming in and going out of people from the building. I really like the open-aired concept of the place. Lovely ambiance for those who love the outdoors!
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With a non-alcoholic policy during work hours, we could only order soft drinks to go with our lunch albeit the extensive drinks menu on offer.
Lemon lime bitters Coke
With our lunch, it was recommended that dishes are shared, a South American tradition (same with the Asian tradition!), which we willingly obliged. We ordered from different sections of the menu to make sampling more interesting 🙂

From the Mas Pequeno (smaller) section, the Yuca frita with smoked paprika mayo ($9).
Yuca Frita with smoked paprika mayoInside the Yuca Frita
Yuca is another term for cassava, a starchy tuberous root normally cooked as a traditional Asian cake in my culture. Now I know you can actually serve it as chips! They were yum and the smoked paprika mayo was something different as a sauce for the fritas. Quite exotic.

From the Compartido (shared) section, Ribs – the Cola fried chicken ribs with green onion & chilli salt ($15) and the Coffee & honey lamb ribs with mint & lime ($16).

Cola fried chicken ribs

Coffee & heavy lamb ribs with mint & lime

They were some delicious tasting ribs, finger-licking good! These were recommendations from a colleague who had dined here previously and boy were they flavorsome! The Coffee & honey lamb ribs were served on a wooden board with a brush to get extra sauce onto them. Special!

From the Meat Compartido section, we had the 12 hour smoked lamb shoulder with crispy chickpeas & green onion ($33) and the Slow cooked pork & crackle with pineapple and guava ($32).

12 hour smoked lamb shoulder with crispy chickpea

The lamb shoulder was tender, fell off the knife as we cut into it. Very tasty! Normally not a big meat eater, I must admit I went back for a second bite!

Slow cooked pork with crackles, pineapple and guava

Another melt-in-the mouth dish, the pork was moist and juicy, and I love the crunchy crackle on top! More for me please! The pineapple and guava lifted the heaviness from the meat. It was a great combination!

Lastly, from the Acompanamientos (sides) section, the Corn puree with charred corn salsa & chilli salt ($10) was a must order from my colleague. He almost licked the whole content in the bowl as he loved this so much! I enjoyed the popcorn and chunks of corn on the puree.

Corn puree with charred corn salsa & chilli salt

Service was great which added to the overall experience. The waitstaff was friendly and took time to banter with us. Overall, an enjoyable lunch and I was glad I could finally check this place out! Yay to South American cuisine!

For the month of April 2014 and as part of the Eat Drink Perth festival, Public House is offering a “Nose to Tail” menu where one can experience different cuts of pork (choose from 4 dishes), matched with a bottle of WA’s Custard & Co. Cider for $35pp. Who’s going?!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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    April 16, 2014

    Wow! The food is simply mouthwatering. Thanks for sharing. I will soon visit The Public House Kitchen & Bar for trying these sumptuous cuisine.

    • Miss L

      April 17, 2014

      Thanks for the comment 🙂


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