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The PFEs were privileged to be invited by Jacquie Baker from Pemberton Finger Limes to a finger lime food tasting event held at the Terrace Hotel last month. I’d used the Pemberton Finger Limes last year for a few dishes and loved the taste and especially the look on them, so I was excited to see what other dishes that can be matched with this delightful fruit!

I was greeted warmly on arrival and ushered to one of the private rooms around the side of the main restaurant. It was a small and cozy group, with fellow food bloggers Chompchomp and Perth Munchkin in attendance as well. The Pemberton Finger Limes were on display around the room for the curious minded. Not too appealing looking on the outside but a different matter altogether on the inside! Known as the ‘Citrus Caviar’, it contains hundreds of tiny individual pink or clear green beads similar to caviar but has the look of crystals. Very pretty!

Pemberton Finger LimesInside the limes

The evening started with drinks of Margarita lined with the lovely limes

Pemberton Finger Lime Margarita

Pemberton Finger Lime Margarita

..and then various canapes specially designed for the night by the Terrace Hotel’s chef! We had the Smoked Chicken Mousseline with Guacamole

Smoked Chicken Mousseline with GuacamoleSmoked Chicken Mousseline with Guacamole

The Cured Ocean Trout, radish & creme fraiche

Cured ocean trout, radish & creme fraicheCured ocean trout, radish & creme fraiche

The Oysters in mirin dressing and lots of finger limes

Oysters in mirin Oysters in mirin

The Masterstock Pork Belly with apple salad

Masterstock pork belly with apple salad 10a

And last but not least, the Seared kingfish with cucumber and coriander oil

Seared kingfish with cucumber and coriander oil Seared kingfish with cucumber and coriander oil

All the canapes tasted fabulous and looked amazing! The finger limes added a limey sour texture to all the dishes, with the citrus beads bursting in the mouth as you bite into them. Quite a different foodie experience!

In between the serving of the canapes, Jacquie gave a speech and explained how the growing of these special fruits came about. I love this part of the night the most, finding out the beginnings, the history behind the product, and being inspired by all the hard work, innovation and perseverance that go into building something so unique and different. T

The story of Pemberton Finger Limes started with Rob and Jill Baker, retired physiotherapists, looking for a project to embark on and came across finger limes, with the first crop planted in 2006. It had then be an eight years journey to get to where they are now, harvesting close to 300kg of finger limes this year and supplying to top Perth chefs such as Hadleigh Troy from Restaurant Amuse, Chris Taylor from Fraser’s and Sam Ward from El Publico to name a few. They also supply to local Perth grocers so that people like us can get access to them! This year, the Pemberton Finger Limes are heading overseas too, with a box sent to Paris and a road show in Singapore with enthusiastic responses. Awesome!

Speech by Jacquie Baker

The night was rounded off with a Vanilla Cheesecake topped with strawberry and finger limes. I waited for this with anticipation as I do love my desserts! This did not disappoint! It was very much worth the wait 🙂

Vanilla Cheesecake Vanilla Cheesecake

I had such a fun night, always an enthusiast in trying out new food! Thanks to Jacquie for the invite!
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We were given a pack of finger limes to try at home, and it was enjoyable making some No Bake Lemon Cheesecake and Dark Chocolate Brownie for Mother’s Day using them, recipes courtesy of Pemberton Finger Limes!

No Bake Lemon CheesecakeDark Choc Brownie

The above goodies were received with much commendation and interest piqued of the pink beads on top of them!

I had also made the following last year – my first year of experimenting with Pemberton Finger Limes!

  • Tuna tartar with avocado and finger limes

Tuna tartar with avocado and finger limes

  • Soft shell crab with finger limes

Soft shell crab with finger limes

  • Mojito Cheesecake Parfaits

Mojito Cheesecake Parfaits

Pemberton Finger Limes are available from the end of March, with the fruits picked over a 5 – 6 weeks period. Head to their website to find out where you can get them when they are in season!

Narration: Miss L




  • Chompchomp

    May 27, 2014

    It was a great night, so lovely to catch up for laughs and chatter xx

    • Miss L

      May 27, 2014

      Hehe ditto that! 🙂


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