Pinchos, Leederville

Pinchos is located on the busy Newcastle Street in Leederville, next to Jus Burgers, in the space where Snags & Sons used to occupy. My colleague had been raving on about this place which he frequents often as he is of the opinion that the food are tasty, fill you up and at great prices. I thought I had to check it out after his unintentional constant ‘upsell’ of the place! The opportunity came when I was looking for a place to dine before heading to the movies for Xmen: Days of Future Past. Xmen was such an awesome movie, a must see for those who have not watch it yet! [Sorry diehard Xmen fan here! Hehe]

Pinchos was not too busy when we arrived, we found a table easily towards the back of the tiny shop. I can imagine it getting really busy on the weekend, it was good that we did not have to queue!

Pinchos Inside Pinchos

Food and drinks are self-ordered with a a menu list that can be ticked with the amount of either pinchos or tapas dishes or drinks one desired. The list is found pinned up on the wall next to each table. It reminded me of ordering ‘dimsum’ at yumcha! Very convenient! The list is then taken to the counter and the meal paid upfront.

Menu list on the wall

We had the following:

  • Pintxos Anchoa ($3 each) – Ortiz anchovy, egg, pimiento, fig/onion jam. One of my favorite, the taste from the fig/onion jam was very prominent (yum!) and blended nicely with the anchovy which was not too salty.

Pintxos Anchoa

  • Pan Arabe ($6) – flatbread, saffron labne, olives, beetroot, pickle, grapes. Nice combination and very Middle Eastern! Love the labne with the flatbread.


  • Remolacha y Garbanzos ($7) – beetroot, chickpeas, yoghurt, apple, fennel, honey + dukkah. Another Middle Eastern influenced dish, it was refreshing and I loved the taste and texture of the dukkah!

Pan Arabe

  • Croquetas ($8) – smoked ham + chicken croquettes. These were my least favorite as the smoked ham flavor was too overpowering (not much of a smoked ham fan).


  • Gamba y Sepia mojo verde ($9) – grilled prawn + cuttlefish skewers (2). These were nice and fresh. I liked the abundance of sauce that came with them!

Grilled Prawn + Cuttlefish Skewer

  • Chicharrones ($7.50) – roast pork belly, cumin + lemon. The pork belly was quite salty and left an after taste in the mouth which was not too pleasant. They would have been nice with the beetroot salad but they came last out of all the dishes so the salty after taste was left hanging.


  • Tarta de Pera ($9) – saffron poached pear, quince + almond tart, honey mascarpone, PX sherry. This was my favorite dish of the night! Lovely and crumbly tart that was enhanced with the creamy mascarpone, sweetness from the honey and a dry and nutty flavor from the sherry. Awesome! I would gladly order a second if I was not so full already by that time!

Tarta de Pera

Overall, it was a great meal! I didn’t think I would be too full with just the pincho and tapas dishes but they added up at the end! I was glad I checked this place out, and now I can tell my colleague that yes, he has good taste in food too :p

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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  • Steph

    September 15, 2014

    Just to let you know the Middle Eastern influence is Moorish. A lot of Spain (Around Andalucia) was once inhabited by the Moors who have a Muslim background and as a result you get similar flavours.

    • Miss L

      September 19, 2014

      Thanks for the info! Lovely flavors!


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