****Taste of Perth – Early Mother’s Day Celebration****

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Thanks to Rekorderlig Cider and Exposure PR, I scored a double pass tickets to the Taste of Perth with a couple of complimentary Rekorderlig drinks for our consumption. I decided to take my mamma to the event on the Saturday afternoon as an early Mother’s Day celebration as my sister was going to the same session with her friends. It would be so much fun to go together in a big group! And I will get to try the dishes I had missed out on the night before! Yay!

I had bought a $50 Crown Card prior to the event from Ticketek and was wondering whether it would be enough for the both of us! For those of you who have now experience the Taste of Perth, you would know that it could be quite a costly affair depending on the amount of food and drinks you order. I was fortunate enough to be given a $40 Crown Card by One Green Bean as part of their promotion for the Seats + Beats sponsored by Virgin Mobile. Thank you so much guys!

Now back to the event after all the shoutouts 🙂

It was a hot day on the Saturday so the custom built Beautifully Swedish ‘Rekorderlig Star’ was a welcoming sight for some cooling cider! The Rekorderlig Star was built right at the entrance so one could hardly miss it as one enter to get to the stalls. The Star was built on a Swedish Winter theme, complete with reclining deck chairs, plush blankets and also their own exclusive DJ. The photo below is the Rekorderlig Star I took on Friday night. Isn’t it pretty?!

The Rekorderlig Star

The bar was very busy that afternoon with a waiting period of between 10 – 15 mins to get a drink! A good sign for them!

Inside the Star Busy bees!

I was quite surprised to see the many different variety of flavors in the Rekorderlig Cider range all lined up on the counter! There was also the Winter Cider in a warm serve to top it off!

Big range of Ciders on display Warm Cider!

Rekorderlig Cider was celebrating the festival with their Swedish winter favorites, the Orange-Ginger Cider and Winter Cider in a warm serve. I had to give these a go of course!

Orange-Ginger Cider Winter Cider in a warm serve

The premium Orange-Ginger Cider is a delicious combination of fresh oranges with an invigorating kick of ginger bitterness to finish. I actually really liked this drink. It tasted so refreshing especially for me waiting under the bright and hot sun for our food! Very welcoming indeed! My mum thought this was the best Cider out of the two we had as well. I had ordered an Apple Cider for her.

The Winter Cider on the other hand was probably the wrong drink for the hot afternoon we were in. The Winter Cider is a sensuous blend of the finest apples infused with vanilla and cinnamon, and always serve warm. This would have been the perfect drink for me on the Friday night session as we were freezing by the end of it. I would have to try this again during one of our Perth winter blues!

Armed with our drinks, it was time to get some food into our tummy! Here goes…

A note that I may not have tasted some of the food posted below as we were in a big group and I had an opportunity to take photos of some of the dishes without actually trying them. Bummer for me but just as good to look at the photos! Hehe

Silks – Braised Pork Belly & Lohan Fruit (12 Crowns) and Mango Pudding (8 Crowns). I had tasted both these dishes at the Silks restaurant itself previously so I did not get them here. The Braised Pork Belly & Lohan Fruit was served with a steamed hollow bun and was delicious according to my sister and her friends.

Braised Pork Belly & Lohan Fruit Braised Pork Belly & Lohan Fruit

The Mango Pudding is a creme brulee, lime crumble with coconut sago and compressed mango. It is not the usual mango pudding that you find in your Chinese Restaurant. I’m not really a big fan of this.

Mango Pudding
Silks on Urbanspoon
Bistro Guillaume – Chicken Liver Parfait, Pear Chutney (8 Crowns) and the Icon Dish – Beef Daube on a bed of Paris Mash (14 Crowns). The Chicken Parfait was free range and came with 3 pieces of croutons and a small salad on the side. My mum thought the parfait had too strong of a brandy taste to it and the croutons were too thin. I agreed with her.

Chicken Liver Parfait with pear chutney

The Beef Daube on the otherhand was a favorite. A good bang for your buck, the bowl was filled to the top with beef cheek in a red wine sauce, with a creamy and silky smooth paris mash underneath. I like!

Beef Daube on a bed of paris mash

And then there were the gigantic Salted Caramel Macaroons (8 Crowns) on the table which I had to bypass as they were too big for me! I just have to contend myself with reading how great they tasted from my fellow food bloggers!

Giant Salted Caramel Macaroon
Bistro Guillaume on Urbanspoon
Print Hall Dining Room – Smoked Ocean Trout (10 Crowns). The Smoked Ocean Trout came with a lemon yoghurt sauce topped with some pickled shallot. It was the least favorite dish for the table but I actually didn’t mind it. The Trout tasted fresh!

Smoked Ocean Trout
Print Hall Bar and Dining Room on Urbanspoon
No4 Blake Street – Chorizo Ragu (8 Crowns) and Tuna Sashimi (12 Crowns). The Chorizo Ragu turned out slightly disappointing for my mum as she had thought there would be bigger chunks of chorizo through the dish. A personal preference really. The Chorizo Ragu came with pecorino polenta and lots of basil oil!

Chorizo Ragu

The Tuna Sashimi was something quite special, with squid ink rice, ginger cream, radish and shiso. This was one of my favorite dish that afternoon!

Tuna Sashimi
No4 Blake Street on Urbanspoon
El Publico – Cuttlefish Toastada (12 Crowns). My sister had to get this dish as it won the Best in Taste Award! Crispy toastada with fried cuttlefish, corn, salsa and jalapeno. I only had a taste of the cuttlefish as I didn’t want to rob her the joy of enjoying this herself. The cuttlefish was nicely seasoned! Her friend who had bought the same thought this was the best dish out of all for her!

Cuttlefish Toastada

El Publico was also selling freshly squeezed juice next door. This Apple Juice was for 5 Crowns, with two freshly squeezed apples in it!

Apple Juice
el PÚBLICO on Urbanspoon
Bib & Tucker – Icon Dish – Charcoal Roasted Fremantle Octopus (22 Crowns) and Textural Beetroot Salad (8 Crowns). The Charcoal Roasted Fremantle Octopus of kipfler potatoes, ajo blanco, witlof and roasted almonds was awesome! Loved the whole combination with a bit of sweetness from the grapes too. This was the runner up to the Best in Taste Award. Well deserved!

Charcoal Roasted Fremantle Octopus

The Textural Beetroot Salad had [puree ,roasted & shaved] Swiss chard, barrel-aged fetta, crispy quinoa and pomegranate dressing through it. Another one of my favorites! It was very refreshing. Nice combination!

Textural Beetroot Salad

There was another pig on the spit next door. It must had been so hot in that tent. Great work Chef!

Pig on the spit!
Bib & Tucker on Urbanspoon
Greenhouse Perth – Roast Pumpkin (8 Crowns). This is just a picture as it was one of my sister’s friend’s dish. She said it was her favorite that afternoon so I thought it’s worth a mention!

Roast Pumpkin
Greenhouse on Urbanspoon
Co-op Dining – Cheddar Perogies (8 Crowns) and Chocolate & Beetroot Cake (10 Crowns). I know a few people had mentioned that the Cheddar Perogies (caramelised onion and cheddar dumpling) were very good. It wasn’t really too my liking, I think it was too cheesy for me. A personal preference thing.

Cheddar Perogies

I was disappointed with the Chocolate & Beetroot Cake as there was too much sour cream mousse and too little cake!

Chocolate & Beetroot Cake
Co-Op Dining on Urbanspoon
Nobu – Icon Dish – Black Cod Miso (22 Crowns) and the Kakigori with Ice Cream & Syrup (8 Crowns). I didn’t get to try the Black Cod Miso but it was great according to the sis’s friend. Not hard to believe as this is Nobu’s signature dish!

Black Cod Miso

I had been waiting for the Kakigori with Ice Cream & Syrup today as it was too cold to order this last night. Still as yummy as I remembered at the prelaunch except with a different flavor. Nice!

Kakigori with ice cream & syrup
Nobu Perth on Urbanspoon
My mum came back with a Karvan Coffee in the meantime as her afternoon perk me up! 4 Crowns for a Latte.

Karvan Coffee

The Seats + Beats were pumping at this stage and the area was filled with people enjoying the sun! I was only too happy to be in the shade nearby :p

Seats + Beats

We were all pretty much filled to the brim by the end of it but I had to get some Honey Cake before I go! I discovered the Honey Cake at the Subi market last year and fell in love with it! They are so yummy, homemade with no preservatives! It was 6 Crowns for a slice. We bough a medium cake (22 Crowns) to go as well.

The Honey Cake The Honey Cake The Honey Cake The Honey Cake
The Honeycake on Urbanspoon
Oh and some Salted Caramel Macaron from the Maison Saint Honore – 3 Crowns a piece.

Macaron Tower
Maison Saint-Honoré Perth on Urbanspoon
All in all I had a great time and my mum was delighted to have sampled the dishes at the Taste of Perth! Till next year…

Taste of Perth

Note: The pink jacket was very much a coincidence. I did not dress to match the fork! :p

Narration by: Miss L



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