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Hallway to the AtriumThe PFEs were invited to dine at the Atrium Buffet [All-You-Can-Eat] Restaurant within the Crown Perth Complex recently and I happily obliged, not having visited the Atrium since it’s refurbishment a few years back. I had been a number of times previously while it was still under the management of Burswood Complex and had tried their breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. I had stopped going previously, and to be honest it was because I thought the food selections were getting a bit boring.  I was interested this time to see whether any changes have been made!

I headed there on a Sunday night without making any booking thinking that it would not be very busy. Alas for me, I forgot it was the long weekend. Alas for me, it was fully booked and the next available table was 35 minutes away. Luckily the Crown has a really nice lounge area for this reason (maybe!), and with a live pianist in the background as entertainment, it was a pleasant wait.

At precisely the time told to us, we made our way back to Atrium Buffet and was promptly shown our table. The staff then explained the setup of the buffet to us with sections for soup, cold platter, seafood, Western, Eastern and dessert. I was only half listening as I was too excited to get straight into the food, plus I was extra hungry from the lounging around and couldn’t wait any longer! Time to explore! This was our empty table when we arrived..not for long though :p

Empty table but not for long!

There were a huge selection of food and I had tried to take as many photos as possible for this post! The food stations will be presented in chronological order of my food sampling. I can’t help it, I’m an engineer, sequencing and order are my forte! :p

The Soup Station with a variety of Bread Selection – something warm for the cold winter night (ok it was not that cold in the restaurant but a little bit of dramatization spices up the post yeah? haha) There were two selections, the Cream of Vegetable Soup and the Wanton Soup. As a lover of soups, I couldn’t resist but to try them both!

Soup Station!Cream of VegetablesWanton Soup

The were both equally lovely! One with a creamy consistency that warms the heart while the other a clear broth with a juicy wanton. Glad I ended up trying both!

Next up was the Cold Platter Section – I couldn’t go past the alluring cold cut meats and cheese, and the enticing pretzels hanging on the stand!

Cold Platters stationCheeseboard with brie, gouda, blue and cheddar Assorted cold cut meats Assorted cold cut meats

My plate of antipasto! Yum! I forgot about the Pretzel in lieu for the Biscuit Stick!

My plate of antipasto

The Seafood Station was next on the radar – The Oyster Bar with condiments, Chilled prawns and Sashimi / Sushi Bar were calling out to me!

Oyster BarChilled Prawns Chilled Prawns

I had two rounds of these babies – the Prawns tasted best with the creamy thousand island dressing and the Oysters with lemon and tabasco sauce!

I headed for the Western Corner next – the Carving/Rotisserie. The Chef was faithfully carving the roasts for us! Thank you!

Hard at work!

There were Roast Pork, Bratwurst Sausage, Sauerkraut and Yorkshire pudding! with various condiments – your mustard, cranberry, apple, mint jelly and horseradish. A very fun station!

Roast pork + Yorkshire pudding Sauerkraut

Bratwurst sausage Condiments

Back at the table, the below is my new invention of Bratwurst sausage in a Yorkshire pudding with gravy and topped with Sauerkraut! It was delicious!

My special Combo!

Other hot dishes in the Western Corner included the Honey Glazed Carrots, Roast Pumpkin, Peri-peri Chicken and many more!

CarrotsPumpkins Peri peri chicken

A favorite was this Moussaka – a layered eggplant and minced meat dish topped with a Bechamel sauce and cheese. Heart warming!


To round off the Western Corner, there was a live Pasta Station where pasta is cooked to order. There was a choice of pasta with either tomato or cream sauce and with any ingredients found on the table. I chose the cream sauce with bacon and onions! So typical! :p

Ingredients for the pasta - pick and choose Cooked to order

The serving was quite big even though I had asked for a small. It was very filling!

Pasta with cream sauce

The last section to explore was the Asian Corner! There was the Roast Duck and BBQ Pork

Asian Corner - Hi Chef!BBQ Pork Roast Duck

I had been told of being able to make a Peking Duck pancake by a friend before. I saw only the wrap but not the duck skin, maybe I was meant to use the meat from the Roast Duck? I was not too sure so didn’t end up having any.

The Dim Sum Station

Dimsum stationAssorted dimsumMy favorite of all time – the Glutinous Rice! This had a sweet meat filling to it which was different but nice.

Glutinous rice

The Asian Wok Station with selections such as Braised Vegetables and Fried Noodles!

Braised Vegetables Fried Kway Teow Fried Noodles

Not to forget the Curry Corner with Hot & Sour King Prawns, Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken, Fish Curry, Chickpea Curry and Briyani Rice to name a few!

Hot & Sour King Prawns Lemongrass Chicken Fish Curry Chickpea Curry Briyani Rice

Have you ever wanted to stuff yourself silly full of Pappadams and Rotis in Indian Restaurants but are not able to because they are quite expensive to order alot of. Well you won’t have this problem here as they are up for grabs, all you can eat!

Pappadams Rotis

And this concludes the food section of the Atrium Buffet! Phew what a long list! But wait there’s more! My favorite part of the dining experience…the DESSERTS!

I was most impressed with the Dessert Station when I first walked in but had to refrain myself as the house policy goes, mains before dessert! (Refrain yourself Miss L, you are a grown up now!) There were a huge selection to choose from – I was so happy just looking at them!

There was an Ice Cream Bar and a sample of a Cold Rock Ice Cream on display! [Cold rock = choose whatever ingredients you want and smash it into the ice-cream!] It looked so lovely!

Cold Rock Ice Cream

I opted for the normal ice cream though as I spotted something I haven’t tried before! A dark chocolate sorbet! It tasted really yum, still creamy but a sorbet? Does that mean it has less fat and I can consume double amount of it? Sounds awesome to me!

Ice cream selection Dark Chocolate Sorbet!

Having finished the ice cream, it was time for second rounds and I was still spoiled for choices! There were the walnut tartlets, waffles, Asian dessert (kuih dadar), cupcakes, banana bread and a sad looking chocolate fondue – it was the end of night, I don’t blame them. I wondered what happened to the Chocolate Fountain?!

Walnut tartlets Waffles Asian desserts Chocolate fondue Ingredients for fondue

There were also an assortment of individual desserts which look very attractive and appetizing!

Chocolate cake 11h TiramisuCreme Caramel Coconut pannacota Pistachio slice Chocolate mousse

To say I was full was an understatement that night. I was rolling out the door by the end of it and had to walk around the Crown Complex a few times to aid my digestion!

All in all, I had an excellent time at the buffet.  With its contemporary furnishings and a gorgeous looking buffet, it was a great improvement to its previous life under the Burswood complex. It is now considered one of the better buffet in Perth in my opinion!

My favorites for the night were the Soup Stations, the Cold Platters, the Western Roasts and Desserts! Delicious and mouth watering! I liked how the food were being refreshed regularly especially with the Seafood and Sashimi Stations due to its popularity. I also liked the live cooking stations where some dishes were made fresh from the Chef’s pan to my plate!

My least favorites would be the Asian Roasts and Wok Station. The Roast Duck and BBQ Pork as well as the Fried Noodles looked dry and unappetizing. They didn’t warrant a taste that night. I was saving stomach space for what I thought would be the tastier food.

How much would it cost you? Dinner on a Sunday night will set you back $75 for an adult ($37.50 for kids 4 – 12yos). A 25% discount can be obtained if you have an entertainment card up to a value of $55. The complete list of pricing for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on different days of the week can be found on the link below:

A great place to dine for large group as there is a cuisine to suit all! I noticed quite a number of birthday celebrations amongst the diners that night!

Thank you to FIRST and Crown Perth for the invite!

Narration: Miss L
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