Banh Mi Thit – Nhu Mai & Ben Thanh

On the topic of Banh Mi Thit (from last week’s post of the Beansprout), this post is of two shops in Girrawheen which sell delicious Banh Mi Thit at great prices albeit located some distance north of the city.

I first tried Banh Mi Thit last year after having a mind freeze on what I can have for lunch that day. I stumbled on Banh Mi Nhu Mai! Not being too keen on a baguette that looks dry on the outside (or so I thought – looks can be deceiving!), I hesitated, but eventually bought one just because I was there. It turned out to be the best decision ever and started my love for the BMT!

Inside Banh Mi Nhu Mai….there were quite a number of meat combination available, I went for the chicken being a newbie. Spying a sugar cane machine on the side, I ordered one to go as well. Can’t remember the last time I had fresh Sugar Cane in Australia! It was refreshing especially with the extra lime juice squeezed into it, Banh Mi Nhu Mai style!

Choices on the baine marie Fresh sugar cane

My takeaway lunch 🙂

Sugar cane + Chicken Banh Mi Thit

I was sold after the first bite! The baguette was lightly toasted and crispy and the seasoning was very tasty! It wasn’t just a plain ol’ and dry chicken and salad baguette! There was a really flavorsome seasoning smeared on the bread which gave the moistness in the BMT. I love the generous amount of salad in it as well – carrot, cucumber and coriander. Sold! Chicken Banh Mi Thit for $5!
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Another discovery I made was at the Mirrabooka Village Shopping Centre, tucked in a corner – Ben Thanh. Their Banh Mi Thit was selling for only $4 each! The cheapest I’d seen so far! There were only 3 choices of meat available (pork, chicken and sardine) but that was enough! Yes, a sugar machine on the side too!

Ben Thanh Baine Marie Busy preparing food! Sugar cane machine

I had called early in the morning for a lunch order and they were made all ready for pick up when I arrived. Great service! I was fortunate to have thought ahead and pre-ordered as the place was packed by lunch time! People were lining out the front door!

Box of Banh Mi Thit

Pork Banh Mi ThitMy Pork Banh Mi Thit was full of flavor with a nice crispy outercase. No complaint whatsoever. The only thing to watch out for is the chilli for those who can’t take a lot of heat! There were lots and they were very hot! I will definitely be back again for more!

Ben Thanh on Urbanspoon

Do you know of any other good BMT shops around Perth? Please drop me a line and let me know 🙂



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