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There is a new kid on the block on Hay Street and its name is Beansprout! Hard to miss with its bright green posters and matching lime green seats out front. I stumbled upon it whilst looking for a quick lunch one day in the city.

Beansprout serves modern and fresh Asian style vermicelli noodle salads, baguettes and sandwiches, and simple deli style food such as hamburgers, hot dogs, rolls and chips. It leans towards the Vietnamese cuisine with dishes such as Pho (noodle soup), Bun Bo Xao (noodle salad), Banh Mi Thit (baguette with grilled meat) etc.


I was particularly interested in the BMT. There were three options of original pork ($6.50), grilled chicken ($6.50) and pulled pork ($7.50). The original pork was sold out so I ordered the pulled pork instead. The lady serving me was very polite which I liked. Beansprout also offers freshly grounded coffee, I had a small Long Mac for $4. Doesn’t quit match the BMT but I needed coffee for the afternoon! The coffee was nutty and smooth on the palate! Good choice!

Long Mac & BMT

The Pulled Pork Banh Mi Thit!Pulled Pork BMT

The BMT was huge I thought! Very flavorsome! The pulled pork was moist and juicy with extra juice flowing down the baguette. Luckily I was eating at the table so I did not make as much mess on myself, more so the table! Hehe I like how the baguette is toasted and the BMT put together only when the order is placed. It was still warm with each bite!

I was happy to stumble upon another shop selling the Banh Mi Thit in the city so near my office! Easy for dining in or take away. I will definitely be back to try the original pork option!
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