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The PFEs were privileged to be given a sample pack of Café 26 salad dressings and sauce & marinade to trial recently as part of their re-branding promotion. I remember Café 26 back in my university days, a cafe I frequented in Subiaco on Rokeby Road right next to Dome! My friends and I used to love their salad dressing with the green label and the creamy mustard taste. I was pleased to see that they have now expanded to include a variety of salad dressings and even sauce & marinade for BBQ Ribs! I was eager to try them out!

Cafe 26 salad dressings and sauce & marinade samples

My pick out of the above were the BBQ Rib sauce and marinade and the Oriental salad dressing for lunch.  There are recipes on the website one can follow to match the salad dressings / sauce & marinade they have on offer. Nice and convenient!

The PFE's pick

My marinated BBQ Pork Ribs – soaked in the marinade!

Marinated Pork Ribs

After one hour of baking in the oven…

Pork Ribs!

Tadaa! Awesome result! The ribs tasted delicious and I enjoyed it very much! After the initial trial, I made a whole lot at a fundraiser lunch yesterday, 1.5kg to be exact and they were a favorite! The 250ml bottle can be used for approx 1.5kg of ribs, I cheated slightly as I had used some previously for the trial. They still tasted great though!

I further trialed the Smokey BBQ Rib with beef ribs, baked 2kg of beef ribs with the 250ml bottle sauce and slow cooked them for 10 hours with some carrots. Another favorite! Loving how it was so easy with the sauce and how great they tasted. I had a few people asking me about the dishes! 🙂

With the Oriental salad dressing, I made the Chicken and Rice Noodle Salad (recipe from their website) with a roasted chicken I bought from Coles. Extremely easy and convenient too, and most importantly it tasted great! The Oriental salad dressing gave the dish a sweet and sourish flavor. Love it!

Chicken & Rice Noodle Salad Chicken & Rice Noodle Salad

I can’t wait to try the other salad dressings! Thanks to Café 26 for reintroducing me to their products! 🙂

Café 26 products are sold throughout Perth, mostly in IGAs and independent Fruit and Veg stores. Thanks to Café 26, three lucky readers can enter to win a pack consisting of a mix of 3 x 250ml sample bottles. All you have to do is send an email titled “I want to win a Café 26 pack” to the PFEs (perthfoodengineers@gmail.com) or leave a message on our Facebook page with the same title. Winners will be drawn at random this coming Sunday 6/7/14. All the best!

“Café 26 is a proudly Australian family run business based in Perth, Western Australia”.

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