****Karvan Coffee with the Aeropress!****

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During my visit to the festival of Taste of Perth last month, I met Brad and Fleur Cassidy, owner of Lean Bean Machine who ran a very busy stall, the ‘Brew Bar’. A variety of their coffees and various alternative brew methods including the Aeropress, Clever Coffee Dripper and V-Style Dripper were showcased, in addition to the traditional coffee machine.

I first encountered Karvan Coffee at the Lettuce Shop Weekend Warehouse (sadly no longer running physically in Belmont) and loved the coffee! Thanks to Lean Bean Machine, I am now able to brew my own coffee at home using the Aeropress!

AeroPress system of brewing can be described as “So Simple, So Good…!” (courtsey of Aeropress.com.au)

SMOOTH  Using the ideal water temperature and gentle air pressure, brewing yields rich flavour with lower acidity and without bitterness.
RICH  Total immersion brewing results in uniform extraction of the ultimate in full coffee flavour.
PURE  Micro filtered for grit free coffee – unlike other press-type coffee makers.
FAST  About two minutes from start to enjoy. The actual press time takes only 20 seconds.

This is what it looks like!

The Aeropress!

I trialed the AeroPress using the beautiful locally roasted Karvan Coffee, Karvan Bunum Wo Peaberry which won the Golden Bean Awards for both 2011/12 and 2012/13. It was grounded especially for this convenient and portable brewing method.

Karvan Bunum Wo Peaberry

Brewing a double-espresso is easy and fun – a step by step guide below from the Aeropress instructions:

1) Remove the plunger and the cap from the chamber. Put a filter in the cap and twist it onto the chamber.

Filter paper Inside the cap

2) Stand the chamber on a sturdy mug – mine has the wording Coffee all over it, a special Coffee Cup but that is not compulsory for you! 😛

Chamber on mug

3) Open the bag of coffee, have a smell (ok this step is not compulsory either but I do love a smell of good coffee!) and put two AeroPress scoops of the fine-drip grind coffee into the chamber.

Karvan Coffee! Scoop into the chamber

4) Pour hot water slowly into the chamber up to the number 2. 80degC water is recommended for dark roasts and 85degC water for lighter roasts. Mix the water and coffee with a stirrer for about 10 seconds.

Water in the chamber

5) Wet the rubber seal and insert the plunger into the chamber. Gently press down about a quarter of an inch and maintain that pressure for about 20 – 30 secons until the plunger bottoms on the coffee. [Gentle pressure is the key to AeroPressing!]

9 10

And the coffee is ready, brewed in less than a few minutes! It was a well balanced acidity coffee with hints of orange, sweet brown sugar and blackcurrant and a creamy smooth taste. I enjoyed it with the Max Brenner chocolate I bought from Sydney recently. Icing on a cake!

My coffee and chocolate

For more information on Leaf Bean Machine’s products including the above AeroPress and Karvan Coffee, head to their website (click here!). One can also drop by their premises to visit their retail outlet and view their roasting facilities at 12 Horus Bend, Bibra Lake. An awesome local purveyors of fine tea and coffee!

Narration by: Miss L



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