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The PFEs were invited recently to review another takeaway food order and delivery website called EatNow. I must be hiding under a rock as I have not come across these websites before until now! It is awesome to discover all these services that are available right at my fingertips!

The aim behind EatNow is to provide a quick and easy way to order food online from local restaurants that service the suburb you are staying in. The process is simple ….

  • Search for restaurants in your suburb
  • Order using the interactive online menus
  • Sit back and wait for the food to be delivered

And that is exactly what I did one rainy and stormy winter night. Perfect weather to order some takeaway as I did not feel like dressing up to go out for a meal, ie hibernation mode on. {Do you guys get into this mode in winter?}

To find the list of participating restaurants available for order around the area, I entered the postcode of my suburb and voila! The list of restaurants appears on the screen! The picture below is a screenshot of the main page where you enter your postcode to get the list of restaurants.

EatNow website

With each restaurant listed, information such as the opening times, min. delivery order amount, the specials and costumers’ reviews are listed. Some restaurants even allow Pre-Order, where ordering can be made before the restaurant’s trading hours. Order and forget about it until the selected delivery time. Very efficient! I like!

I decided to go for Thai cuisine. There are a few listed in the area which I have not heard of previously. I decided on Wealthy Thai Cuisine as there are numerous great reviews of the place (4.5/5 stars with over 370 reviews). Must be a winner! The menu is listed as soon as you click on the restaurant and there were heaps to choose from! Wealthy Thai Cuisine does not charge delivery fee either with a minimum order of $30. Bonus!

Payment can then be made via cash, paypal or credit card. Once order is placed, a SMS came within 2 minutes to notify me of the expected delivery time. My previous experience with delivery time with another restaurant was right on the dot, however on this occasion, Wealthy Thai Cuisine was 15 minutes late with delivery but the staff did not offer an explanation of why he was late. Was it the weather or they were too busy or it was hard to find my place? That will remain a mystery.

My order included the following:

  • Mixed Entree (4pcs) for $7.90 – a piece each of spring roll, curry puff, prawn toast and Thai fish cake served with sweet chili sauce. I loved all the entrees! They tasted house made, you can tell with the prawn paste slabbed on top of the toast. I especially like the crunchy curry puff! Deep fried goodness. I should have ordered more of those (you can get 4 pieces for $7.90)

Mixed Entree Yummy Prawn Toast

  • Tom Yum Goong ($8.90) – spicy and sour prawn soup cooked with Thai herbs, lemon juice and mushroom. Yum!

Tom Yum Goong

  • Pad Thai ($11.90) – fried soft noodles with chicken and pad thai sauce. One must order this when one first test taste a Thai restaurant! I found the noodle to be a bit soggy and there was no peanut topping. Doh! I love my peanuts!

Pad Thai Pad Thai

  • Red Duck Curry ($17.90) – roast duck cooked with red curry paste and coconut milk, lychees, tomatoes and pineapple. This is another must order dish from a Thai restaurant. Normally if this is available in the menu, I consider it a plus for the restaurant. The Red Duck Curry was yummy and I liked the dish as a whole. I was trying to look for the lychees but unfortunately could not find any although the curry did taste slightly sweet. I was not sure whether the lychees were incorporated into the sauce itself? I like how they had wrapped the takeaway box with cling-wrap to avoid spillage! Thank you!

Red Duck Curry Red Duck Curry

  • Pra Ram Rong Srong ($11.90) – what is this you ask? Steamed vegetables topped with satay sauce. What a fancy Thai name for it! This was simple but was a favorite! You can’t go wrong with satay sauce. I think it tastes good with anything!

Vegetables with satay sauce Vegetables with satay sauce

It was too bad that Wealthy Thai Cuisine does not have any desserts on their menu. I would have ordered heaps of those hehe

Overall, a yummy takeaway meal with Wealthy Thai Cuisine and a super convenient way of ordering and getting the food delivered to my house. I like the idea of discovering restaurants around my area through EatNow which I have no clue about as they are normally not advertised in any big way. Thanks to FIRST and EatNow for the opportunity to review this service!

Narration by: Miss L
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