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Recipe meal kit, where a meal is planned, ingredients shopped, packed and delivered to the door by others and the only thing the customer has to do is to cook! I have always thought of trying one out but always feared that I would not like the recipes put together by others. When This Little Pig Went to the Market contacted the PFEs to enquire whether we will be interested to review their gourmet recipe meal kits, I took the plunge and said yes. It would be interesting I thought, and a good experience however it turns out!

Who is This Little Pig Went to the Market?!

From the co-director of deliciousness, Jessica Kerr herself…“This Little Pig is a gourmet meal kit company that is all about helping people eat local and fresh! Our suppliers include Kalis Brothers, Frank Torre Butchers, Lawleys & New Norcia Bakery (to name a few!) and we shop, portion, pack and deliver delicious meal kits on a weekly basis, ready for people to cook with minimal fuss and waste”.

I must admit I was quite excited on delivery week to see what dishes were in store! The menu for the week is posted up on the website on the Thursday before delivery on the Saturday and it changes weekly. I had a peek and found that I’ll be cooking a Rosemary Lamb Chops with Pesto Mash, Lemon Spinach & Roasted Tomatoes and a Fragrant Green Chicken Curry with Fluffy Jasmine Rice. Yum!

On the day of delivery, I received a SMS informing me of the timeframe for dropoff. I appreciated this as I was able to sort out whether I would be home around the time for the delivery. The gourmet meal kit came in a cooler bag inside a box anyhow so there are a few hours spare before unpacking is required if one is not home. Here is the box. Pretty big!

Delivery of deliciousness Delivery of deliciousness Cooler bag The grocery!Ingredients were portioned and packed individually for use, with handy instructions on whether they are to be stored in the pantry or the fridge. One thing I absolutely loved were the Recipe cards that came in the kit. They were easy to follow instructions with pictures (love, love them – speak a thousand words!) and hints on what utensils to use and how to serve the dishes! They inspired me to cook knowing the steps were quite simple.

Recipe card 1 Recipe card 2Time to start cooking!

Meal 1: Rosemary Lamb Chops with Pesto Mash, Lemon Spinach & Roasted Tomatoes

I was most excited about this as I hardly cook lamb chops at home. I couldn’t wait to see how it would turn out!

Ingredients to make the dish

I really like how every single ingredient required for the dish is provided, including the seasoning and dressing sauce, and given in the correct portions! You don’t need to use anything in your own pantry at all.

Gourmet stock to cook the potatoes in for the pesto mash!

Gourmet stock Potatoes in a potPreparing the lamb with the lamb baste…

Lamb chops Lamb chops in baste

and all I have to do after is to put everything together in a tray and in they go into the oven with the chopped tomatoes and balsamic dressing. Easy peasy!

Tray of goodness

Out they come!3fPlating up with the wilted lemon spinach and mashed pesto potatoes…sounding a bit like Masterchef haha :p

Rosemary Lamb Chops with pesto mash, spinach and roasted tomatoes Rosemary Lamb Chops with pesto mash, spinach and roasted tomatoes

A plate of deliciousness! I loved everything on the plate. The lamb chops were tender on the inside and crisp on the outside with a delicious flavor from the lamb baste. The portion of vegetables was good as well. A very filling and delicious meal for two!

Meal 2: Fragrant Green Chicken Curry with Fluffy Jasmine Rice

I cooked this the following day with much anticipation as well after a great outcome from Meal 1. I had chopped out all the ingredients prior to taking the photo, the vegetables and chili came as whole in case you are wondering.

Ingredients for the Green Chicken Curry

The main component of a curry is the curry paste. This had a fragrant smell to it, I had a very good feeling another yummy meal is coming my way. Did I tell you they provide the oil for the cooking as well? No use of my own pantry at all!

Curry paste Browning the paste All in the wok

The final product! Another delicious meal, the green curry was creamy but was not too overpowering as the vegetables (capsicum, beans, coriander) cut through the creaminess and added a freshness into the dish. The spices came through the curry paste which was nice. Yummy with the steamed rice on a cold winter night!

Green Chicken Curry with rice Green Chicken Curry with rice

VERDICT: After the two meals above, I was so glad I took the plunge to try out the recipe meal kit! It is such a good way to explore dishes that I normally don’t cook at home ie the lamb chops. In addition, This Little Pig Went to the Market provides good quality and the freshest ingredients which made a difference to the meals. There was also no wastage as every single items were used. Best of all, it’s hassle free! No more excuses not to cook at home when everything is done for you pretty much!

The gourmet meal kit comes in:

  • 2 Piglet Pack (dinner for 2 nights for 2 people) for $65
  • 4 Piglet Pack (dinner for 2 nights for 4 people) for $130
  • Weekly or Fortnightly subscription is available too

Orders can be placed and paid online. Click here to access the page.  To find out more, head to the website http://thislittlepigwenttomarket.com.au/.

I’m certainly sold! Thanks to This Little Pig Went to the Market for introducing me to their gourmet meal kit and the sample provided above! Love it!

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