Wang’s Treasure House, Morley

Wang’s Treasure House, located on Wellington Road opposite the Coventry Market, is the last of the trio of restaurants serving dimsum in Morley I have sampled (I had previously reviewed Silver Seas Chinese Garden and Joyful Chinese Restaurant on my blog – click on the restaurants’ names to get to the posts). I have had dinners here for birthday celebrations as welland each time the food was marvellous! I thought the dimsum could only be the same!

The restaurant was chockers by the time we arrived which is not unusual as there is usually a big queue on the weekend. They can get very busy during dimsum time! It’s almost like dining in one of the dimsum restaurants in Northbridge, big in size, noisy, packed but with the exception of free and ample parking at the back of the restaurant :p The word of advice therefore is to get there earlier rather than later!

I found that there are a lot more dimsum varieties at Wang’s Treasure House compared to the other two restaurants. This made me a happy chappy as I love to try new things! Here are a few dishes we had…

Pork Dumplings / Spinach Dumplings / BBQ Pork Buns / Pork Balls with Mushroom / Beef Tripes / Fried Squid Tentacles / Prawn Dumplings / Prawn with Japanese Tofu / Deep Fried Pork Dumplings / Porridge / Pork & Chives Dumplings / BBQ Pork Pastry

  Spinach Dumplings BBQ Pork Buns Pork Dumplings

  Pork Ball on Mushrooms Squid Tentacles Beef Tripes

  Prawn Dumplings Prawn with Japanese Tofu Deep Fried Pork Dumplings

Porridge Pork & Chive Dumpling BBQ Pork pastry

And now to my favourite Savory Dishes on the day…Chicken Pies, with the glazed top and crumbly and buttery pastry, they are oh-so-good! Not often seen in dimsum restaurants which was why I got so excited!

Chicken Pie

Radish rolls, not sure whether these are called so but close enough. Stringy radish pieces bundled up in a cocoon like casing and deep fried! Something different!

Radish roll Inside the radish roll

Fried Glutinous Rice, another dish that doesn’t make an appearance too often at most dimsum places, I was so happy to see this as it is one of my favourite food, much better than a normal fried rice! This was filled with mushrooms, Chinese sausages and dried shrimps, topped with chopped up fried egg. I could eat a few of these!

Fried Glutinous Rice

Baked Oysters, another new discovery, these were oyster meat stir fried with some veggies, topped with cheese and baked. Yummy and huge! Another table favourite!

Baked Oysters

Since they are favourite Savory Dishes, I can’t possibly miss out on the favourite Sweet Dishes! Egg Tarts, this will always be my favourite sweet dish unless the chef really stuffs up the pastry. Not so in this case, the pastry was flaky and crunchy, and filled with creamy eggy goodness. I can eat a few of these too!

Egg Tarts

Tau Fu Fa (Soy Bean Custard), it was silky and light and not too sweet. I like!

Tau Fu Fa

Taro Balls, [alert all taro lovers!], another new discovery, these were all taro until you bite through the centre and find a whole egg yolk inside. Wow! Talk about doubling your cholesterol! Love it but can’t eat too much of it!

Taro Balls

Inside the Taro Balls

Needless to say I really enjoyed the dimsum at Wang’s Treasure House. The overall price I found was slightly cheaper than what I would pay dining in one of the dimsum restaurant in Northbridge. I would definitely be back for more dimsum!

I’m loving all the alternatives popping out in the suburbs serving dimsum! Thank you and keep it up! 🙂

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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