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BMT Vietnamese RollBMT Vietnamese, located within the Newpark shopping centre is another store which sells the yummy Banh Mi Thit (Vietnamese meat roll). Surrounded by numerous Vietnamese restaurants such as Pho Huynh and Trang’s cafe, and another BMT store (Nhu Mai) nearby, I’d always wondered how these places maintain their business! Luckily they seem to do quite well which is a good sign for all, and more choices for us consumers!

One thing I like about BMT Vietnamese is that it offers not only the BMT but various Vietnamese food as well, either packed in boxes or displayed at the counter ready to be sold. There are savory dishes, sweets, desserts, hot food and also freshly squeezed sugar cane drink on the side. I love the variety available for us to choose from!

Hot food Packed food

I ended up getting a box of the Tom Khem for $10. Tom Khem is a caramelised pork belly stew with hard boiled egg and went well with some steamed rice. I forgot to take a photo of it as I had it for lunch the next day. Oops! Nevertheless it was delicious and very appetizing. I really like it! Would love to get some again next time!

A thing to note and which I found difficult at the store was that everything is labelled in its Vietnamese name. It was hard for me to figure out what the dishes were. I ended up asking the lady a lot of questions about the food. She was very helpful with her explanation and recommendation which assisted me alot. Thanks lady!

Ok and now back to the main reason why I was there in the first get a Banh Mi Thit! There were a few choices available (chicken, sardine, beef, meatball, vegetarian) so I was standing there umming and ahing, struggling to decide. The lady ended up recommending the Vietnamese Combination Roll ($4.99) to me which I happily said yes to. Thank you again!

Combination BMT Combination BMT

The Vietnamese Combination BMT was stuffed with various meat with a layer of mayo and pate on the inside of the roll and topped with pickled carrot, coriander and cucumber. It was freshly made on order. The roll was lightly toasted which gave it a nice crisp. Very yummy, filling and great value at $4.99!

I also ended up getting a Coconut Jelly dessert (the lady is a very good salesperson!). They were sold at one for $6 and two for $10. I had initially thought it was a coconut drink when I first saw them seating on the shelf. They look similar to those in the supermarket. I was then told otherwise. It was actually some sort of dessert! Inside the coconut, there was a half pudding, half jelly coconut dessert which tasted delicious and very refreshing. The best part of it all was that you get to scrap out the coconut flesh after finishing the pudding/jelly and get more out of the coconut. It was so awesome. This is my sister’s and my favorite! We always get some when we visit BMT Vietnamese.

Coconut jelly dessert Coconut jelly dessert Coconut jelly dessert Coconut jelly dessert

Needless to say BMT Vietnamese was a great discovery. Delicious and good value Vietnamese food. I will definitely be back for more!

Rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars
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