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The PFEs were contacted not too long ago by John Walker Chocolatier to showcase their products on our blog. I was only too happy to oblige, who can resist writing up about chocolates?! It is always interesting to discover businesses and products I may otherwise not have known through the blog, especially so with John Walker Chocolatier, a WA owned and operated chocolate company specialising in handmade fine quality chocolates. I had initially thought it had something to do with scotch whisky :p

Their story…

When it all began….The history of John Walker Chocolatier, began just like all great legacies with a dream.  William Walker began wholesaling confectionery in Perth during the Depression.  Apart from wholesaling confectionery, William Walker moved the family business into manufacturing. 

His sons, Robert and John keen to work with their father, followed and joined the business the “Walker Candy Company.” Their father, providing a strong foundation in the art of manufacturing confectionery led them to enter the niche market of high quality handmade chocolate. The quest then began to make the finest chocolate possible and effectively, this was the beginning of John Walker Chocolatier as it known today.

The candy operation was sold to enable the development of fine chocolate manufacturing and retail operations.  John Walker Chocolatier produces a large range of handmade and finely crafted chocolates in our factory in Perth, WA. Products include chocolate gift boxes, chocolate gift hampers, personalised giant chocolate freckles, novelty chocolate and chocolate bars

What a great story! I was visited by John Walker himself to drop off the samples! A very knowledgeable man about his chocolate (as well as candy) as he has been in the business for 35 years! He only uses Belgium couverture chocolate to make the chocolates! Some samples I received…

John Walker chocolates John Walker chocolates

There were a selection of the chocolates from his store including those from his Chocolate Treats and Chocolate Boxes range. Check out the website for the whole range of products on offer. There are some pretty great stuff there, including novelty and personalised chocolates! Click here.

My first taste was of the Chocolate Covered Honeycomb! The honeycomb is made with honey and enrobed in a fine milk Belgium couverture. The ingredients and even nutritional information are given on their website for the chocolates!

Chocolate covered honeycomb Chocolate covered honeycomb Chocolate covered honeycomb

The honeycomb inside tasted really fresh and light. I liked it! I went on their FB page and saw a post with pictures of how they handmake the honeycomb in their kitchen. So awesome. Check it out here. My friends liked this chocolate as well when I asked them to test taste. Good quality chocolate was their comments.

Next taste were the Milk Chocolate Rocky Road and Peanut Rough.

Milk Chocolate Rocky Road Milk Chocolate Rocky Road

Marshmallow rolled in coconut covered in fine Milk Belgium couverture. I’m normally not a big fan of rocky road chocolate, this was quite nice with the addition of coconut flakes (I love coconut!). My mum demolished the whole slab in one go!

Peanut Rough 5a

Crunchy dry roasted peanuts blended into fine milk Belgium couverture. This was my favorite as I love all things nutty especially in chocolates! I always go for those with nuts in them. The slab was jammed full of peanuts and once again tasted fresh and of good quality. Yum!

I went to a dinner party one night and brought the box of assorted chocolates with me. I can’t eat them all by myself! And sharing is caring 🙂

Chocolate Box! Chocolate Box! Chocolate Box!There were a variety of flavors in the box – Walnut, Salted Caramel, Belgium Vanilla, Caramel Cup, Seashell, and the liqueur infused type, the Black Russian, Grand Marnier, Champagne, Cointreau, Irish Cream and Rum. Gold Medal award winners they are, it costs $24.95 for a selection of 12 Gold Medal Assortment chocolate box.

Actually I couldn’t resist trying two of them before heading to the party (naughty Miss L). I put it down to taking photos for the sake of the blog :p I had the Walnut and the Salted Caramel.

Walnut Walnut

Shaped ilke a walnut with a delicious and smooth chocolate filling! It melted in the mouth. Nice!

Salted Caramel Salted Caramel

The whole inside of this chocolate is the sticky salted caramel! It was a sugar rush for me!

The box was well received at the dinner party especially the liquer-infused chocolates! We had fun tasting all the different chocolates!

There was one chocolate which was separately wrapped called the Almond Butter Cream. I thought it must have been something special and a must-try. True to it, it was delicious, nut (almond) checked, creaminess checked, smoothness checked, yum!
Almond Butter Cream

The last of the chocolates to try were the Chocolate Buttons. I had all three given to me, the White, Milk and Dark Chocolate. I decided to make Chocolate Covered Strawberries with them for Father’s Day.

Chocolate Buttons White Chocolate buttons

Excuse the rather rough looking Strawberries I made on the day – I was in such a rush! Luckily the quality of the chocolates made up for it, they were creamy and milky. The chocolates smelled so good as I melted them in the bowl. It was pure self-discipline that I didn’t eat them all myself!

Strawberry Chocolates Strawberry Chocolates

All in all, I had great fun sampling the chocolates from John Walker Chocolatier. Thanks to John Walker for introducing me to some of his hand crafted fine chocolates!

John Walker Chocolatier stores can be located in Garden City Shopping Centre, Karrinyup Shopping Centre and London Court. They also have shipping and delivery service for web/phone order. Check it out for gift ideas or if you simply want to indulge in one of their many chocolate varieties!

Narration: Miss L
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