Rasa Enak, Greenwood

Rasa EnakRasa Enak is located in a shopping complex on Coolibah Drive in Greenwood. We ended up here one Sunday afternoon as my friend wanted a quick and tasty Asian lunch after church and this was her recommendation. Not being very familiar with the eatery up north, I happily obliged.

Being located within the shopping complex, there was ample parking which was great. The restaurant was simple and quite small in size, I would describe it as your typical suburban Malaysian restaurant, no fuss, quick and convenient. The restaurant was nearly full by the time we arrived so that was a good sign!

We ordered from the lunch special menu, the Hawker Style with a variety of noodles and fried rice costing $9.50 including a can of drink. There were choices such as Soya Bean, Sugarcane, Lemon Tea etc with the drinks. We opted for the chinese tea as I didn’t feel like a cold drink that day. There is also a Set Meal where you can get dishes such as Sweet & Sour, Curries, Sambal, Tom Yum, Vegetables with a steamed rice and a can of drink for $10.50.

We had the Penang Hokkien Char, Mee Goreng, Cantonese Beef Horfun with Egg Sauce and Curry Laksa to share between the four of us.

Hokkien Mee

Mee Goreng

Beef Horfun with egg sauce

Curry Laksa

The dishes turned out quite nice. My favorite was the Curry Laksa. The soup was thick, creamy and very ‘lemak’, a Malaysian comfort food! There were lots of ingredients in there as well, and also the tofu pok (tofu puff) which I liked.

Halfway through our meal, my friend ordered the Lobak ($5.90) for me to try as it was a popular dish here. Lobak is a deep fried five spiced minced pork roll wrapped in beancurd skin.  The Lobak in Rasa Enak is served with some cucumber, spring onion and a sweet chilli dipping sauce. It was crunchy on the outside with a soft and chewy filling. Good choice!


As I left Rasa Enak that day, I spied the specials on the board outside and saw that they had the Fish Head Noodle Soup on special that day. I regretted not seeing it earlier!. I would have love to try their Fish Head Noodle soup as this dish is usually not readily available in most restaurants.  I’m not sure when I would head this way again but I hope that the lure of the Fish Head Noodle soup will bring me back!

A good lunch spot for those living north of the river!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
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  • laurasmess

    October 15, 2014

    I’m not hugely acquainted with Malaysian food but these dishes look nice. I’m loving the photographs. A nice spot to look out for next time I’m NOR!

    • Miss L

      October 15, 2014

      Hi Laura, thanks for your kind comment and also for commenting while you are on hols! Hope you are having heaps of fun and adventures!


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