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Happy happy 1st Birthday! The PFEs were invited to Public House’s 1st birthday party a couple of weeks ago and it was awesome fun! We were taken on a “trip” through South America and stamped our way across Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru, sampling a bite and beverage exclusive to each country. At the end we get to vote on which country we liked best. So buckle up and let the journey begins!Public House - the Bar

The first stop was BRAZIL! A striking station with the Caipirinhas adorned with colourful umbrellas laid out on the table, served traditional or with pomegranate. I opted for the later – it was sweet and yummy.

Brazil station

Colourful caipirinhas Pomegranate caipirinha

The bite from Brazil was the Lamb & Goat’s cheese Pastel. It originated apparently from the Japanese who had migrated to Brazil in years long past and first created this using Chinese wanton skin. Very interesting..but most importantly very yummy!

Lamb & goats cheese pastelLamb & goats cheese pastel

Next stop was PERU with the Clasico Ceviche served with the Ventisquero Sauvignon Blanc.

Peru Station

Clasico Ceviche

The Clasico Ceviche consisted of tilapia, aji rocoto, coriander and lime – freshwater fish and capsicum in English! This was fresh and tasty and nicely paired with the fruity and crisp sauvignon blanc.

Clasico Ceviche 3c

The third stop was in ARGENTINA and we were spoilt with a Pork Asado paired with Cerveza Quilmes beer. Roast on spit anyone?Argentina Station Pig on spit

The Pork Asado came with a side of yuca frita and apple salad topped with a chimichurri sauce. Lovely! The yuca frita if you have not tried it before is amazing! Highly recommended dish to order!

Pork asado with Cerveza Quilmes Pork asado

The last station was ECUADOR and it was a dessert station! Nice! There was a deconstructed chocolate tart waiting for us with self service toppings! There were peanuts, raspberries, macadamias and popping candies! Absolutely delightful! This was paired with the Goya Moscatel dessert wine, specially brought in for this event! The wine was full bodied, sweet and yum!

Ecuador stationMoscatel

I piled on the macadamias and popping candies in my tart. There were even chocolate coated popping candies. The child in me screaming yay!

Deconstructed chocolate tart Deconstructed chocolate tart

So after going through the four stations, can you guess which station I picked as my favorite? It was so hard! There were great points to each of the drinks and bites!

*drum roll* I finally ended up voting for ARGENTINA! The Pork Asado with the sides and beer was such a complete dish and the yuca frita really clinched it in for me! Although I’m still thinking of the deconstructed chocolate tart! :p

Thanks to the Public House and 3am Thoughts for the invite! I can’t believe one year has gone past so quickly! I still remember the invite to the opening of the Public House last year which unfortunately I couldn’t make and now it’s the 1st birthday party!

Love what you guys do, keep it up! 🙂

Narration by: Miss L
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