****Christmas A’La Malaysia Dinner****

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The PFEs were recently invited to the Christmas A’La Malaysia Dinner by the Consulate  General of Malaysia (Trade Section) – MATRADE. MATRADE’s mission is to promote Malaysia’s export and assist Malaysian exporters and foreign buyers alike in doing business. The intent of the dinner I believe was to introduce and showcase Malaysian food and products to the local Australian community. Being born in Malaysia but lived more than half my life in Australia, I am always eager to try any Malaysian food especially to test for authenticity. The dinner was right up my alley! When a little birdie told me that masterchef Adam Liaw will be the guest speaker at the event, I was even more excited. The dinner was held at the Perth Convention Centre.

As we were heading to the River View Room where the dinner was held, we walked past this beautiful Christmas decoration of a lighted horse. It was so captivating! I couldn’t resist taking some photos! Anyways I digress!

Beautiful horsey

On arrival at the event, we were served some cold Sirap Bandung – condensed milk drink flavored with rose cordial syrup. I have not had this in ages! It was delicious and brought back childhood memories of primary school fun in Malaysia! Playing games and sipping on air bandung on a hot and humid afternoon!

Sirap bandung

We were seated not long after the initial introduction and chitchat. Awaiting us at the table was a plate of Prawn and Cassava Crackers. The Cassava Cracker was very addictive!

Prawn and Cassava Crackers

While waiting for the entree to be served, we were addressed by the Trade Commissioner, Noor Hayati and masterchef Adam Liaw! One of the highlights of the evening! There was also a cooking demonstration by the PCC’s chef on how to make Roast Turkey Rendang, one of the main dishes we will be served later in the evening. Really? Roast turkey you ask? It does work! Something to try out this Christmas? 🙂

Speech by Trade Commissioner Masterchef Adam Liaw Food demonstrationNot long after, we were served our dinner! For entree, we had:

  • Exmouth prawn, pickled daikon, laksa dressing, eggplant and coriander leaf

Exmouth prawns

  • Share platters of chicken satay, beef, soy chilli and honey and lamb assam skewers

Chicken satayLamb assam skewer Beef, soy chili and honeyMy favorite from the entree was the Exmouth Prawn especially with the laksa dressing and coriander leaf paste. It was a fusion dish that worked, spice from the laksa dressing and freshness from the prawns.

For mains, we had:

  • Roast turkey rendang – it does work! The trick is not to overcook the turkey!

Roast Turkey Rendang

  • Grilled barramundi with sambal sauce – another fusion dish which worked well. This was one of my favorite dish. The sambal sauce was awesome, spicy and tasty!

Grilled barramundi with sambal

  • Mee goreng mamak style – this was a bit of a miss as it was quite bland, I had too high an expectation when I saw the wording “mamak style” on the menu, visualizing something eggy and spicy. Not quite.

Mee goreng mamak style

  • Sayur lodeh – vegetable dish served in a coconut milk broth. I have not had this in ages and this was delicious. Loved the tofu goreng (fried tofu) in it as well.

Sayur lodeh

  • Roti canai – the dinner will not be really Malaysian without serving roti canai! Crunchy flatbread with a delicious dipping sauce. I have not tasted this sourish and spicy sauce before. It was very appetizing!

Roti Canai Roti CanaiDesserts were served in tiny jars, just perfect in size as I was so full after the entree and main dishes!

Desserts Desserts

They were from L – R: Cocon jelly, peaches, coconut chantilly and vanila; Rojak buah with rojak petis and crushed peanuts; Plum pudding and pandan syllabub, pineapple and jack fruit; and Sago gula melakaDessertsMy favorite out of the four was the Plum pudding with jack fruit. Some thought it was very bland but I liked that it was not too sweet and especially love the jack fruit in it! I have not eaten jack fruit in ages!

The desserts came accompanied with the Malaysian specialty drinks, Kopi O and Teh Terik. As the former was too bitter and strong and the latter too sweet, I blended them together to make Cham! It was so yummy, my favorite drink of all time! You must try it if you haven’t done so already.

Kopi OTeh Tarik

Needless to say, I was extremely full by the time the dinner ended. Thanks to MATRADE for the invite! It was great to see the chef adapting some of the traditional Malaysian dishes to include fresh produce and ingredients from Australia. Yay to Malaysian cuisine!

Narration by: Miss L




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