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Cowaramup BakeryOn our way to the Margaret River Gourmet Village on Sunday, we stopped by at the Cowaramup Bakery to get a few snacks, not knowing how long we would have to wait in line before we could buy some food at the Gourmet Village. My friend had recommended the Margaret River bakery for their salted caramel donuts but unfortunately they do not open on Sundays. I looked through Urbanspoon and found Cowaramup Bakery, located on Bussell Highway enroute to Margaret River. Very convenient.

Cowaramup Bakery was quite busy when we arrived. I surveyed the shop and found that their specialty seemed to be the pies and rolls. A lot of people were queuing up to get their pies! There were a number of varieties to choose from, they even have a Red Thai Chicken Curry Pie!

Inside Cowaramup Bakery Pie and roll list

I was tempted to get the Red Thai Chicken Curry Pie but decided against it after my mum’s friend’s commented that she wouldn’t get it in case the curry sauce doesn’t agree with the stomach. True that, I wouldn’t want to be having the runs at the Gourmet Village! I chose the safe option of a Cowtown Chunky Steak Pie ($6). Glad I did! The pie was good, with a great pie crust and plentiful in filling, I like the inclusion of some chopped vegetables and herbs in the filling. Yum!

Cowtown Chunky Steak Pie Cowtown Chunky Steak Pie

My mum shared a Pepper Steak Pie ($6) with her friend as they didn’t want to get too full before going to the Gourmet Village. I like how they differentiate the pie by loading one side of the top with peppers! That portion of the pie would sure be a hot bite! Mum said she liked the pie from the Miami Bakehouse better than what she had. I couldn’t really comment as I don’t eat the pies from Miami Bakehouse too often. Mine just tasted good in itself.

Steak Pepper Pie Steak Pepper Pie

I couldn’t resist getting something sweet at the bakery and bought a Fruit Flan ($4.70) to share. Chockers with fruits!

Fruit Flan

Our coffees came as we finished the pies which was good timing as we could wonder around Cowaramup, coffees in hand. There are lots of life size statues of cows everywhere in Cowaramup, everyone got excited and wanted to take a photo with one. :p I was glad to be the photographer.


It was great to have visited Cowaramup Bakery that day as I always like to try the food and support the bakeries in the countryside. Hope I can be back again one day!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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