Kabuki Japanese, Victoria Park

Kabuki Japanese is located on the busy Albany Highway towards the city end, right near where Makan 2 Cafe, CHI Restaurant etc are located. I was first introduced to Kabuki when my friend came over for dinner one night with some takeaway from there and I was hooked since! The food are delicious and cheap! One thing I never fail to order every visit is the Rainbow Roll (large for $15).

Rainbow Roll

The Rainbow Roll is a reverse sushi roll with fresh salmon wrapped on top and pieces of avocado, cucumber, carrot, egg and flying fish roe in the middle. You get 10 pieces for a large serving which is a real bargain! The sushi tastes fresh every single time and I love the chunks of avocado in it, creaminess with each bite. I’d introduced this dish to my sister and friend and they love it too! One of my friend would drive all the way from Ballajura for this when she has a craving! A definite must try!

Some other dishes I’d ordered …

  • Vegetable Tempura ($11) – deep fried zucchini, sweet potato, pumpkin with a dipping sauce

Vegetable Tempura

  • Seaweed salad ($4.50)

Seaweed Salad

  • Takoyaki ($5.50) – octopus ball with Japanese vegan sauce, seaweed, fish flakes and mayo


  • Agedashi Tofu ($5.50) – deep fried tofu, spring onion, dried seaweed, zucchini with tempura sauce

Agedashi Tofu

  • Vegetable Tempura with Udon ($12)

Vegetable Tempura Udon

  • Tori Koroke ($7) – smash potato with minced chicken bread in Japanese crumbs served with a cabbage salad – this is delicious! I’m a big koroke fan!

Tori Koroke

They also serve fresh Sashimi, Donburi, Curry and a variety of entree, sushis and main dishes form the menu. I’ve tried the Tooth Fish and Miso (sorry no pic!) as well and it is very tasty, I love to heap the sauce onto my rice!

Kabuki is very simple decor wise and service can be slow when they get busy during dinner time. I usually call ahead to place my takeaway order and pick up when ready so the wait is not too bad. Check it out if you are after delicious, no fuss and cheap Japanese eats!

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars
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