Lot Twenty, Northbridge

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Lot Twenty is a funky bar located just outside the State library carpark on James Street. I had heard a few good reviews about this joint and so decided to head there for lunch one weekend.

It was quite late by the time my friend and I arrived so we were able to pick where we want to seat easily. Lot Twenty has a variety of casual space both indoor and outdoor downstairs and also dining seating upstairs. We explored all three options and settled on a high table and chair just in front of the bar.

View from the top

Downstairs - inside area

We ordered a couple of cocktails to start. My friend had the Aperol Spritz ($12) from the Fancy Drinks section and I had the Espresso Highball ($15).

Aperol Spritz Espresso Highball

My first encounter of the Aperol Spritz was in Rome in Italy. It seemed to be the staple drink over there as I saw it consumed everywhere I went! I commented on this but told my friend I didn’t quite like this drink when I tried it last but she ordered it anyway to taste. The Lot Twenty’s Aperol Spritz is a mixture of Aperol, Prosecco, sparkling water and orange. My friend found it interesting and a good try. My Espresso Highball was a mixture of Vodka, cold macerated espresso, chocolate, coffee with panela sugar foam. I didn’t get the foam but the cocktail was great overall. Pretty strong stuff for me though!

On to the menu, there were a few variety of dishes to choose from but we both couldn’t get past the Twenty with the Lot Burger ($18) – wagyu beef patty, farm house gold cheese, pickles, fried egg, onion rings, house made ketchup with glazed bun. It was the onion rings that got me!

Twenty with the Lot burgers

Twenty with the Lot burger

The burgers looked amazing and they were huge! It was hard to bite into the whole burger as it was so tall. I had to eat it deconstructed style! First to go were the onion rings of course (hehe!). Overall I thought it was a good burger, I loved the juicy patty, the crunchy onion rings and fried egg. The only thing lacking was the sauce, it wasn’t flavorsome enough and so did not tie everything together. My friend had the same thought. It was a good but not great burger.

And so that was our first visit to Lot Twenty! Service was friendly and prompt which was a plus. It was an enjoyable afternoon! A nice chill-out joint!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
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