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Happy New Year’s Eve! Thank you for your support for the PFEs in 2014! We hope to bring you more foodie updates in 2015 as we explore the ever expanding food scenes in our beautiful state of WA! I wish you all a happy and exciting new year, filled with lots of adventures and a year where your dreams will come true!

To end the year, here are some photos of the food/drinks I had at the opening of Papparich in Carousel and meeting Poh Ling from Masterchef! It was an exciting night!


Asian cuisine especially the hawker style has to be one of my favorite cuisine ever since I can remember. It’s not hard to understand why being brought up as a child in Malaysia. The usual ritual would be a light dinner at home followed by supper at the variety of hawker stalls that line the street of Cheras in KL where I used to live. Prawn Noodles, Wanton Noodles, Fried Kway Teow, Ice Kachang, Yong Tau Foo, Ramlee Burgers, Kickapoo etc etc it brings a smile to my face remembering this foodie part of my childhood! Needless to say it was a shock to my tastebud when we first migrated to Perth over 20 years ago as the Asian cuisine was almost non-existent back then. Thankfully this has now changed as I see more and more hawker style restaurants popping up in Perth. One such restaurant is PappaRich!

I was very excited when PappaRich first opened in Northbridge and had been there numerous times. The two drawbacks I found were the long queue and the parking. Nevertheless I still persevere as the lure of the Cham (drink) or the Ipoh Horfun bring me back again and again. It was great news when I found out that a PappaRich outlet will open in Carousel (nearer to me, free parking and hopefully less of a queue!). I was even more excited to be invited to the opening and on the night where Poh Ling, the ambassador of PappaRich will be launching the event!

PappaRich opening

PappaRich opening

I had asked a friend to accompany me who had been wanting to check out PappaRich but had not been able to do so due to a newborn. It was great to be able to spend time with her while enjoying the food and drinks! We were both so excited to meet Poh! She’s the most friendly and down to earth celebrity chef! I couldn’t help but ask for a couple of photo shots with her, beaming from ear to ear :p

Poh and Miss L

After all the initial excitement, our attention turned to the drinks and food. A selection of signature dishes were ordered for us to taste. I loved it as I was able to try some dishes I haven’t tasted at PappaRich before. But first the drinks – I had the Matcha Rocks (green tea with red beans + green tea ice cream) while my friend ordered the Tropical Lime (ice blended lychee and lime with vanilla ice cream). My Matcha Rocks was yummy but very filling! The Tropical Lime on the other hand was very refreshing and less filling even with the ice cream. Note for next time!

Matcha Rocks Tropical Lime

The food we tasted…

  • Pappa Deep Fried Chicken Skin – this was deadly but so yummy and addictive! I had to stop myself from munching on these as we waited for the mains to come.

Deep Fried Chicken Skin

  •  Selection of Rotis (curries, tandoori chicken, beef rendang) – the Rotis were light and fluffy, very nice! I like the Roti with Tandoori Chicken best with the lovely raita on the side.

Roti Canai Roti Canai with Tandoori Chicken

Roti Canai with Beef Rendang

  • Satay Mixed (Chicken and Beef) – I’d ordered this numerous times in previous visits so did not have any this time. They are very good though, I tend to order this each visit to PappaRich.

Satay Mixed

  • Pappa Char Koay Teow – I’m usually wary when it comes to ordering Koay Teow in restaurants as they are usually not done well. This however was excellent. I could taste the ‘wok hei’ in the noodles and they were not dry. Love it! A dish I would definitely go back for and actually gone back for recently.

Fried Koay Teow

  • Fried Udon – this was pretty good too especially if you like the taste of udon noodles. It was fried similar to the Koay Teow.

Fried Udon

  • Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken – another excellent dish, loved the curry chicken and the sauce!

Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken

One great thing about attending these events is being able to meet some of the other bloggers in Perth. I got acquainted with two of them (Take Me to Foodie Heaven and Hungry Again?) and also the family of 4 who won the competition to dine with Poh Ling through Facebook. It was lovely!

To end the meal, the winning family ordered a couple of desserts to share with us. We had the Pappa ABC Special with Premium Ice Cream and the Banana Fritters with Premium Ice Cream. They were both so good! I love my banana fritters!

Pappa ABC

Banana Fritters with ice cream

And that ended the event for us. We had such a great time dining, meeting and chatting with everyone. I hope I have not been going on too much about PappaRich but I really love the food there. Thank you to Wasamedia and PappaRich for the invite!

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Narration: Miss L



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