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The Sapore Espresso Bar is a modern cafe located opposite the Belmont Forum Shopping Centre on Belmont Avenue. I have heard about this trendy cafe awhile back but did not have a chance to pay it a visit until recently, and it did not disappoint!

Sapore Espresso Bar serves fresh homestyle food and coffee, using the best available seasonal local ingredients in their dishes. They make their own muffins, hollandaise sauce, baked beans, assorted cakes, mayonnaise and pesto, granola and many more! Awesome! It was not that busy when my sister and I arrived so we got a table straightaway, and luckily so, as it became very busy not long after.

Sapore Espresso Bar The counter

Orders are taken and paid at the counter. Our drinks – Cappucino in a mug ($5.40) and special Juice of the Day ($6.50) came not long after we placed our order.

Juice of the Day and Cappucino

The Juice of the day was called the Immune Booster and consisted of orange, apple, carrot, celery, beetroot, lemon and ginger. It packed a punch! My order of Cappucino tasted smooth, with beans sourced from local roasters Fiori coffee from the Swan Valley coupled with bannister downs milk from Northcliffe. Nice!

For food, we had:

  • Breakfast Board ($16.90) – breakfast tapas with a bacon & egg slider with rocket and relish, mini granola pot, and a potato croquette

Breakfast Board

I’d chose this dish as I am always one that like to taste a bit of everything, and this board is perfect for that. Something savory, something crunchy and something sweet! Actually it was the potato croquette that swayed me most, and it was yum. The mini granola pot was refreshing too. It is quite a big pot albeit the term “mini”. My least favorite was the bacon & egg slider as it was slightly dry. I would have like it better with some sort of tasty creamy sauce in it.

  • Spanish Baked Eggs ($17.90) – with tomato concasse, spinach, feta, chorizo and toasted sourdough

Spanish Baked Eggs

The bowl that came was filled with lots of chorizo! My sister thought it was good until she felt overpowered by the chorizo and feta towards the end. She didn’t manage to finish it as it became salty on the palate.

The staff at Sapore Espresso bar were warm, friendly and attentive which made the breakfast very enjoyable. Great discovery and more so as it is so near where I live!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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