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Entertainment Card 14/15: One complimentary main course when another main course is purchased (up to a value of $45)

This year, my family and I decided to make the trip to Margaret River to attend the Gourmet Escape Festival. Unfortunately the decision was made a bit late and we found most of the accommodation in Margaret River were fully booked by the time we got round to searching for it! A sign of how popular the Gourmet Escape festival has become! We managed to book a chalet in Busselton instead which is about an hour’s drive from Margaret River. We headed down on the Saturday afternoon and arrived in Busselton just in time for dinner.

Not being familiar with Busselton, I looked into the Entertainment Book to check out where we could dine and found the Deck Marina Bar and Restaurant, located next to the Port Georgraphe Marina. The Deck Marina specialises in local seafood and produce which was perfect for me. It looked quite new and had a cosy and homely atmosphere about it.

Inside the Deck Marina

Inside the Deck Marina

The menu looked quite extensive with another Specials of the Day menu offered to us as well. We had the following for dinner…

  • Soup of the Day with Ciabatta bread ($12.50) – the soup of the day was the Seafood Chowder. We ordered two serves to share between the four of us and the waitstaff kindly divided the soup into four bowls when she found out our intention to share! Talk about great service, my mum and her friend were very impressed! The soup was creamy and delicious, full of seafood and vegetable pieces. Yum!

Seafood Chowder - 1/2 serve

Ciabatta Bread

  • King Snapper Fillet with Exmouth Prawns ($35) with ginger croquettes, broccolini and sauce soubise. This was a dish from the Specials of the Day menu and all three of us on the table ordered this. Right choice made by all as the dish was delicious! Juicy prawns, crunchy croquettes and tender fish fillet with a flavorsome sauce. The portion was quite generous as well.

King Snapper fillet with Exmouth prawns

King Snapper fillet with Exmouth prawns

  • Prosciutto wrapped Chicken Breast ($32) served with mushroom risotto and sage burnt butter. I ordered this just to try a different dish from the King Snapper Fillet which was such a popular choice. I like this dish as well. The risotto was cooked well, creamy and flavorsome. The chicken breast was moist on the inside as well. I couldn’t finish the whole dish though as the portion was quite big.

Prosciutto wrapped chicken breast with mushroom risotto

Prosciutto wrapped chicken breast with mushroom risotto

We had wanted to order the desserts from the Specials of the Day menu, they had the Sticky Date Pudding and Creme Brulee but unfortunately the waitstaff told us right from the start that those were sold out. I was disappointed to say the least! No Sticky Date Pudding for me 🙁 The other desserts on the menu didn’t look that appealing after that.

All in all, we had a great dinner. Loved the food, service and ambiance of the restaurant. It was good value as well with the deal from the Entertainment Card! Coincidentally my friends headed down that way the following week and I suggested for them to dine at the Deck Marina. They told me the restaurant was able to accommodate 14 of them on short notice, once again proving the great service there!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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